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Market Update For The Week Ending March 27th, 2015

30 March 2015
Bosley Real Estate

Now that March Break is over and we seem to be easing into some warmer weather, it appears that Toronto’s real estate market has a bit more “spring” in its step. While there are just some puns you never tire of it is clear that Buyers and Sellers are back and are more determined than ever to get settled before the summer...

Market Update For The Week Ending March 6th, 2015

09 March 2015
Bosley Real Estate

If you’ve been following real estate trends for the last few years then you’ve probably witnessed the direct correlation between the weather and listing and sales activity in the city. The simple fact is that everyone hates to trade in real estate when it’s too cold or too hot. Case in point, we are climbing out of the deep freeze and as such, there is more activity in the market...

February 2015 Infographic

06 March 2015
Bosley Real Estate

The number of sales for the month is up over 40% compared to last month and we’ve shaved almost 9 days off the days on market.

Market Update For The Week Ending February 13th, 2015

18 February 2015
Bosley Real Estate

Friday the 13th is generally believed to be a bad luck day. But with a boiling Toronto real estate market, low interest rates and tight new inventory, today is a good news day for sellers who have been holding out, waiting for their ship to come in. It’s kind of like going to the grocery store for batteries the day before the big hurricane only to find the shelves are bare while the kid outside is selling them for twice the price.

January 2015 Infographic

17 February 2015
Bosley Real Estate

Apparently it’s not just Toronto’s downtown core that has multiple offers. We have talked to a number of brokers throughout the GTA who are reporting increased activity in their markets.

New to the Bosley Family in 2014

05 February 2015
Bosley Real Estate

Tom Bosley, President, is proud to welcome the following professionals who have joined the Bosley Real Estate family in 2014.

Market Update For The Week Ending January 23rd

26 January 2015
Bosley Real Estate

We can collectively hear home buyers breathe a sigh of relief as more listings come to market. Across the downtown core, freehold listings jumped by 67% since the early part of the month to 221 units.

Market Update For The Week Ending January 9th

13 January 2015
Bosley Real Estate

Happy New Year and welcome to the first market insight of 2015. Every week our researchers pour through the listing and sold data posted on the Toronto Real Estate Board and separate out all the downtown statistics....

December 2014 Infographic

08 January 2015
Bosley Real Estate

T.S. Eliot started out his poem The Waste Land by claiming that “April is the cruellest month”. We tend to disagree. If you are a Buyer in Toronto, that distinction surely must rest on December.

Market Update For The Week Ending December 12th

16 December 2014
Bosley Real Estate

While there were 63 fewer new listings last week, there were only 36 fewer sales leading us to interpret that buyers are still out there but they are digging into the standing inventory more than ever before. The hottest sectors across the entire downtown core remain the first time buyers in the $400k to $700k range, where 46% are selling in multiple offers against an overall average of just 26%.