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How To Deal With A Haunted House

31 October 2014
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There will be lots of ghosts knocking on doors tomorrow night, but finding one taking residence in your home can feel more trick than treat. We asked Matthew James Didier, founder and director of the Toronto Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society for four tips on how to deal with an unwanted otherworldly roommate.

Haunted House

1. Don’t Fall for Fakers

Have your wits about you when researching options. “Countless people are left bankrupt, fiscally damaged, or otherwise hurt financially by fraudulent house clearers and the like,” says Didier. "Rule one must always be "Don't open your wallet."

2. Look for Logic First

Didier recommends calmly assessing the situation. “Always look for natural (rather than supernatural) causes for things. The normal is very often confused as paranormal, especially when someone is in a new or strange environment. Look for drafts, (normal) light sources, and the like. And remember that your chances of being physically injured by a ghost are not great, so there's no harm in looking into that strange noise in the basement with a flashlight. Chances are, it's just the HVAC system.”

3. Have your Home Blessed

“Once the owner feels that the natural and normal can be ruled out, and if they are of a particular faith, they can contact their local clergy and ask for their home to be blessed-- not exorcised as that usually requires special permissions, but a blessing on the home,” says Didier. “This is part of most generic clerical duty and is usually a free of charge service,” he adds.

4. Make Peace with a Presence

If you are not of a particular faith, Didier has another tried and trusted method. “Simply stand in the area the you are most concerned about and say aloud in a firm -- but not angry – voice, that you are living in the home now and would like any strange activity to stop so you can live peacefully with whatever might be there. It is suggested that this be done in a tone like one would talk with a friend who's a roommate and has caused some minor infractions of the house rules, but the overall goal is not to place blame or demand they leave, but to live in peace and coexistence.”

Why is this method so successful? “I personally have no troubles explaining why the success rate with this method is so outstanding,” says Didier. “Of course, if there are ghosts and they are sentient, they would probably rather be respected and cooperated with (and then cooperate themselves) if treated well. It's also empowering, gently, for the person who's worried or frightened, giving them a balanced control over the situation and calming their nerves.”