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Is Your House Haunted?

30 October 2014
Bosley Real Estate

At this time of year our attentions are turned to the supernatural. But if you suspect that a home you're interested in purchasing may have some otherworldly tenants, you could end up feeling spooked long after Halloween. We asked Matthew James Didier, Founder and Director of The Toronto Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society, for four tips on what to do if you suspect your house is haunted.

1. Get Googling

"Google search the address and look for existing stories," says Didier. And not just the address, but the surrounding area. "Consider Googling the neighbourhood as many sites will not (and should not) publish exact addresses unless a witness who is the legal holder of the property has given permission to divulge that information." The Toronto Ghosts and Research Society has a comprehensive list of over 48,000 reported sightings since 1997. "The bulk of reports we get are still from historic sites and museums, followed by bars, restaurants, and taverns, followed by theatres. Private homes are not as reported as one might think."

2. Ask your agent

Didier advises to "ask the real estate agent or seller if the home is considered stigmatized -- the term agents use for property that has a reputation because of a crime, other damage, or indeed, stories -- by anyone."

3. Knock next door

It's always a good idea to meet the neighbours, says Didier, and this is no exception. "Ask if they've heard of anything odd in the home," he says. The neighbours are also likely to know if the house has a history of short-lived occupancies.

4. Trust your gut

When making any large purchase you should ask yourself if it feels right, says Didier. "I would also offer up advice once given to people about buying automobiles -- if the seat belts are uncomfortable, don't buy the car. In simpler terms, if you walk through a home and it feels wrong, bad or uncomfortable, it's probably not the home for you anyway."