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15 July 2020
Bosley Real Estate

How to Use Video to Enhance Your Listing During COVID-19

Adhering to safe social distancing guidelines means Bosley Agents specialize in using leading tools to showcase the best elements of your home while keeping you and your loved ones safe throughout the process. We spoke with Bosley Agent and author of  The Toronto Goods,  Andrea Bertucci, to learn more about how she effectively harnesses video to enhance her client listings. In this blog, we share her Bosley-aligned tips on how you can do the same to get the most eyes on your home when it hits the market. 

Tell the Story

By far the most common application of video by Bosley Agents throughout the pandemic has been walk-through tours of for-sale properties. These videosallow you to explore more properties from the comfort and safety of your home. While this method is certainly useful on its own for showcasing the key features of a property, there exists ample opportunity to get more creative when telling the story of a home. This realm is where Bertucci thrives.

"I love doing narrated walk-through videos. The goal is always to tell the complete story of a home by covering all of its aspects - while also giving clients the chance to get to know me better. It's so important to creatively tell the story of the surrounding community as well - the parks, the schools, and all of the conveniences that would make living there a rewarding experience,” she says.

Embed the Story

The listing is now armed with a narrated video that offers a genuine glimpse into both the property’s unique features, the hidden community gems, and the knowledge of the Agent representing it. The pressing question now becomes: where to embed said video to ensure your property receives maximum exposure?  Bertucci employs a healthy mixture of  Youtube,  Facebook,  Instagram, and the most intuitive spot to embed a video being within the listing itself. By also clipping the video into 15-second segments for distribution across all channels, she demonstrates the ingenuity that makes Bosley Agents the perfect marketers for your home. 
"It's quite interesting that the  videos I've released so far  have an average watch time of about 50% which is excellent for a video over two minutes in length. People want to see more. That said, I'm still working on condensing videos so they don’t exceed 3 minutes to keep things short and sweet,” reflects Bertucci.

Create the Story

Bosley Agents have also revived the face to face knowledge sharing lost through the absence of live showings by hosting live Q&A’s over video following a virtual walkthrough tour.Bertucci’s approach to this once again draws upon creativity to blend the best of both worlds. 

"I would leverage roughly 10 minutes of raw video footage taken of a property prior, and then play it in a loop while guests attend a  Zoom  meeting. The objective is to create the perfect environment of interest where I can be readily available to answer any questions."

Our Agents have become very skilled & proficient in effectively marketing a property without in-person showings as a result of COVID-19.Working with videoallows potential home-buyers to immerse themselves in an environment and neighbourhood, from the safety of their own home, through many creative applications.Based on a large amount of positive feedback Bertucci has received from both sellers and prospective buyers regarding her video work so far, this is a trend she sees continuing for the foreseeable future. 

"This video marketing concept for listings was born out of the current restrictions and was designed to make the best of them and deliver the most value possible to clients. No matter what restrictions are in place, you should still be able to experience a home in all capacities before you buy,” she says.