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19 March 2020
Bosley Real Estate

Bosley Delivers

Over the past few days, we’ve seen many changes to our daily routines as a result of COVID-19. While we as a team at Bosley are doing our best to take a calm, informed approach to both our business and safety, we currently find ourselves in very uncertain times. 

Ontario Premier Doug Ford recently declared a state of emergency for the province, which will effectively result in the closure of all non-essential services. As of now, grocery stores and pharmacies will remain open and public transit will continue to operate. That said, both the government and our team at Bosley are urging everyone to do their part to help  flatten the curve  by staying home as much as possible and practicing  social distancing and self-isolation  to the best of your ability. 

As a result, many of our locations are currently closed, and our team is working from home. But with more free time, our agents are eager to help those in need in whatever way possible. As such, we’ve started a delivery initiative to help those of you who are at home with limited resources, or who may be high risk.  We must flatten the curve,  but there are many people who still need groceries or who require refills on medication they can’t access. We feel it’s our duty to give back to the community we love so dearly in whatever way we can, so we’re coming to you!

We'll Pick Up & Deliver What You Need

If you are at a  higher risk for COVID-19  — meaning older adults, people with a compromised immune system or people with serious chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, or lung disease — the safest bet is to limit your chance of exposure by staying home and  self-isolating

We will lend a hand by delivering your groceries and drug store needs to you. If you have a prescription that needs to be refilled, we’ll bring it straight to you. If you’re out of canned goods, fresh produce or other nourishment, we’ll go to the grocery store and collect your supplies for you. 

We ask that you go through your grocery store and pharmacy to place your order and pay for it - there are a variety of ways of going about this, but calling your local grocery store for advice on how to do this would be the best bet. 

Once you have your order in, please call us.  Mary Kapches at our Queen St. location  will arrange for the agent servicing your local area to reach out as soon as possible to plan your delivery.

CALL 416.530.1100.

Our goal is to make it easier for those at high risk for COVID-19 to stay home and stay safe, and the only way to do that is if we work together. Please share this post with any friends, family or loved ones who could use the help. Wherever possible, please stay home. It’s the simplest solution to a complex problem, but it will work  if we all commit to flattening the curve.