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23 January 2020
Bosley Real Estate

How Bosley Differs from Other Toronto Brokerages

Why Choose Bosley

These days, there are plenty of Realtors assisting homebuyers in the GTA and surrounding areas. With that in mind, it can often feel daunting to find an agent and brokerage that best suits your wants and needs when it comes to selecting the perfect neighbourhood and home for you and your family. At Bosley Real Estate, we understand  what makes us different  and how those differences can help set us apart from the others. We’ve had over 90 years to perfect it.

Here are just a few ways Bosley Real Estate differs from other brokerages in Toronto.

We Put Family First 

Whether it’s in the interest of yours or the passion we have for our own, Bosley knows the true value of family and what it can bring to the business. Bosley has been a mainstay and staple of Ontario real estate since 1928 and continues to be 100% family-owned and operated with over a  90-year history assisting the buying and selling public . A family run business ensures we will meet your needs with a real sense of compassion and respect. We understand the emotional journey of buying or selling your home because we buy and sell just like you. 

We Hand Select Agents Aligned with Our Values 

Every agent at Bosley Real Estate has been thoughtfully selected to meet the needs of the business. Perhaps more importantly, we hire agents that are aligned with our values, which includes innovative thinking, a hunger for learning, a strong sense of leadership and, of course, a keen interest in the family. We provide extensive training for our agents and rely on mandatory licensing courses and education credits to get them up to speed, but our thirst for knowledge doesn’t end there.  Our realtors  are encouraged to participate in extensive marketing and sales training while keeping their industry knowledge fresh by attending on-going seminars that discuss marketing and industry trends as they happen. You can rest easy knowing our agents are knowledgeable, informed, and always current.

We are Connected to Your Favourite Communities and Neighbourhoods 

Moving to a new neighbourhood or exploring the buying and selling market in one you already love can feel intimidating. The agents at Bosley are beaming with passion for the communities and neighbourhoods they love. Whether it’s learning about the best places to seek entertainment and dining or knowing which streets have the easiest access to the things that are important to you — our agents will have the answers. We often refer to Bosley agents as  Neighbourhood Navigators , because each of them has their fingers placed firmly on the pulse of the hidden gems and qualities that make our communities more liveable. Investing time with local businesses and the people who live in your desired neighbourhood help to get us there.

We Support Innovation While Respecting the Past

Trusting the old way of doing things is a great foundation to stand on, but it’s only the beginning. In order to serve the needs of our clients, the Bosley team needs to make an effort to stay current — and that’s precisely what we do. Our Realtors remain fresh and are well-equipped with the right technical expertise to interpret exactly what is happening in their local market. The industry is changing, and we embrace those changes by  staying on top of our ever-transitioning industry  beyond the neighbourhoods we know and love. Our hard work, ethics and innate understanding is one of the many things that sets us apart and will remain a deciding factor in the success of Bosley Real Estate and the agents who work tirelessly for us and you.  

Experience the Bosley difference by  connecting with one of our agents  today.