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22 January 2020
Bosley Real Estate

Building an Innovative Community Through the Art of Video

Taking pride in a neighbourhood and the communities that thrive within them is something all agents at Bosley are encouraged to do. When it comes to keeping your finger on the pulse of Yonge and Eglington, look no further than Bosley agent,  Jamie Harnish,  to take you there — literally. Jamie invests a portion of his time  creating educational videos  aimed at building excitement for first-time homebuyers, as well as those interested in the Yonge & Eg community.

Jamie connects with local businesses in a series titled “Your Yonge & Eglinton” (YYE), where he interviews business owners to find out what gives them a unique edge in the community. You’ll also find him answering first-time homebuyers burning questions like  how to save for your first home  or when  the best time is to buy.  

You've been releasing videos weekly for a while now! How did you get started making these and what did you want to achieve?

With the educational videos, it was a matter of springboarding off my background in education and to help buyers and sellers understand the processes involved in real estate. It seemed like there was a lack of total understanding when it comes to contracts, clauses, commissions, and the like. I knew I could help with that education piece.

With the YYE videos, it was something I've been thinking about doing for a long time – maybe about a year and a half – and then finally said, “Okay! It's time to do this”. So I started going around visiting Y&E businesses starting March of 2019, and then released the first video in September of 2019.

Tell us about your YYE videos. What do you hope they will do for the Yonge and Eglinton community?

The immediate hope is that it gets people in the doors of local businesses and creates a general sense of awareness for people who live in the Yonge and Eg area about local businesses and the people who run these businesses behind the scenes. We see businesses open and close, and Yonge and Eglinton is typically a neighbourhood with a lot of corporate and franchise businesses. I was hoping to focus on  Toronto-based businesses  that were  owned by people who are part of the community  — or at least part of the city — and to try to get people in the door.

What would you consider to be key factors that build strong and vibrant communities? Can real estate agents have any impact on these factors?

I would say one of the key factors is certainly awareness. People live and lead busy lives. If people are walking home from the subway, they're not taking the time to look around and see a new sign on a door or whatever it may be. So, I would say awareness is essential for building vibrant communities. People need to know what's out there. The other thing I would say is helping to build connections. I don't know if you would call that networking, but essentially, it's bringing people together.  I'd also say effective communication is a key factor in building thriving communities - knowing who people are and wanting to help other people. It begins with that awareness and engagement. Engagement is a strong word I would use to describe a vibrant community. If people don’t know and don’t care, it's very difficult to have that sense of belonging. Engagement is also very difficult without awareness, so the two walk hand-in-hand. Awareness allows people to engage.

What are your future plans for how you want to continue innovating in the community?

I've had other ideas and themes for additional video series because what has come to light as I've gone into these businesses, is that people have fascinating stories about how they got into the business. And then, as you know, a lot of the businesses featured so far have been restaurants or food-related, so maybe a short series – like short videos – about a key menu item. I could cover topics like, how it's made, what's involved, what the finished product looks like — just other things that could be useful in bringing more people through the doors of these local businesses. I have a lot of ideas for spin-offs that would be more involved with video engagement. But video as a medium is A +.

Supporting local business and innovation in the community is a testament to Jamie’s success, and building genuine connections with local businesses, as well as the community at large, is his calling card. If you want to be in the know when it comes to what’s new and happening in Yonge and Eg, then follow Jamie’s video series on YouTube  or Facebook  to stay informed. And if you’re looking to make your next move to this bustling part of town — Bosley has you covered.