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12 November 2019
Bosley Real Estate

What Sets Bosley Apart? It’s the People

At Bosley, we know we’ve assembled the best real estate team there is. Brandt Morris is an integral part of this team! Brandt joined us in 2009 and has continued to grow as a fantastic and supportive agent to all of his clients. We recently sat down with him to learn about what makes him such a dedicated agent - and what he loves about The Bosley Difference.

The Backstory

Before Brandt joined the Bosley team, he spent ten years working in banking. Much of that time was spent working with mortgage products, giving him the perfect background to understand the real estate market, financing, and property investing.

“After buying my own house, my fascination with real estate inspired me to buy my first condo as a rental property. Over the next few years, the experience of buying, renting, and selling my own properties, while not always smooth, only cemented what I had already come to know - I love real estate,” says Brandt.

The Bosley Difference

One of the things that makes Bosley stand out as a brokerage is the sense of collaboration, Brandt tells us. “You get to work with other agents. You don't feel as though you have to hide information for the sake of competition. Being a family run business, the sense of inclusiveness is huge. Someone is always available to assist either fellow employees or clients; from the front desk staff to marketing. It allows you to continually focus on helping people buy and sell their homes.”

The other major factor Brandt believes sets Bosley agents apart from the rest? The constant education and training they receive. Bosley regularly hosts seminars, guest speakers, and personalized coaching sessions for our agents in addition to encouraging one-on-one learning opportunities with managers.

“Just recently we had our Fall meeting at the  Ryerson DMZ  downtown, which featured guest speaker  Storm Fletcher  of the Richard Robbins Institute.  I learned the value of first building a relationship with clients and establishing trust before ever getting down to business. It's these small tips and opportunities for growth that stack over time to build a great agent,” says Brandt.

Integrating the Latest Technology

Brandt also appreciates Bosley’s use of the latest technology in the promotion of your homes and our agents. “The effectiveness of using video content to leverage your services as an agent cannot be understated,” he says. This is something he does himself on his own  website,  Facebook page,  and  Instagram

“We also make good use of the  Zoom  meeting system where you can dial in from any digital office and look at the information sessions that are being provided to you - which explains the swiftness of communication I've noticed throughout the organization between departments. Everyone is available for support all the time.”

Advice for Aspiring Realtors

It should be no surprise then that Brandt’s #1 piece of advice for new Bosley realtors is to take full advantage of all of the resources Bosley offers.

“When I first started here I had to really sit back and ask myself: ‘What are the tools and resources available to me here?’ I made it a point of learning and using them all and that got me off to a great start in my career at Bosley. My other big piece of advice is: don’t be afraid to ask for help! We're fortunate to have a great support system here where someone is always available and willing to lend expertise and wisdom. All of the resources you need are available to you but it's ultimately up to you to take advantage of them.”

Are you interested in working with Brandt, either as  your realtor  or as  a colleague?  Don’t hesitate to get in touch!