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24 September 2019
Bosley Real Estate

Home Security 101: What You Need to Know

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their homes. 

Your property, your house, and what’s inside it, are the most valuable assets you have. We don’t just mean cars, computers, TVs and furniture -  but priceless keepsakes, pets, and family members. 

Toronto-based  Avante Security has been providing home security systems and building trust in Toronto’s most affluent communities for over 20 years. In this time, they’ve made a name for themselves by focusing on not just home security but the entire family’s well-being. They’ll even escort you to the airport and water your plants when you’re on vacation - yes, really!

We recently chatted with their team to ask some important questions about home security, what to look for, and new industry trends.

Thanks so much for speaking with us and answering our questions! Let’s start at the very beginning...At what point in the home buying or home building process do customers typically get in touch with you?

“When someone is looking to build or purchase a home it is important to discuss their security needs as soon as possible. Some simple planning can save time, money and even improve aesthetics -  like planning to install security window film in-between two pieces of glass when ordering window fixtures. 

When you’re purchasing a home, identify if there are existing security and alarm systems in place.it should be straightforward to adjust to most legacy systems. If the system is archaic, it's probably best that it’s replaced with newer technology and customized to the new homeowner's needs, as newly installed systems help to prevent any future issues arising. No matter the case, a free in-home consultation will often be conducted by security experts, along with the homeowners, so no detail is overlooked. Every need should be addressed so that no room is left for vulnerability. Ideally, this should all be done before any renovations begin. 

Homes aren’t often designed with security in mind, so it is important to take every detail into account from the windows, to the ledges, to the landscaping, to the property’s perimeter. The design of your security system is just as important as the design of your home.”

Interesting. And what are some things that homeowners should already have decided before hiring a home security company?

“They should have an idea of what kind of security is most important to them and what will make them feel the most secure. For instance, would they prefer a high-tech automated approach or a more analogue traditional approach? When the alarm sounds, do they want a provider that uses a call centre with a personalized approach or do they just want to ensure than someone answers their call as soon as possible?

Considering the “what-if’s” of a real-life threat, though scary, is very important. Reactions during an actual emergency show the true colours of a security provider. It was recently announced that, in Toronto, the police will no longer respond to home alarms unless verified with proof of a threat and have recommended that homeowners find an alternative response plan. Our clients really value our 6-minute rapid response time; we physically show up to the home within 6 minutes on average or less from any call or alarm signal. We’d rather show up to 1,000 false alarms rather than ignore the ones that seem false to ensure our client’s safety.

Budget is another aspect that homeowners should consider before shopping around for a provider. You should know how much you can comfortably spend on the system as well as how much you can put towards fees. As I’m sure you can understand, the price of peace of mind is not always the most cost-efficient solution.”

What about luxury homes - we understand why there might be a need for more heightened security.

“Absolutely. We offer white-glove services that include dedicated daily safety patrols, mail is brought in, and garbage bins are not left out to ensure each client’s home and property are secured. Any special requests or concerns are directed to a dedicated private 24hr security concierge phone number that is answered within 3-rings every single time - test us on it! Behind closed doors, this number leads to the Avante Control Centre, a state-of-the-art monitoring station geared with 18 large screens where we monitor cameras with video analytics software that can detect a trespasser the moment they step foot on a property. This software can distinguish between trees, animals, cars, and humans - it’s so neat. We specialize in high-net-worth homes, so the quality of our products, services, and personalized details match that.”

Speaking of technology, are there any best practices or trends around what's popular right now in the industry?

“There are so many advancements within security technology. Although there are countless enticing wireless DIY products available direct-to-consumer, we really encourage homeowners to have a system that uses a combination of wired and wireless connectivity for a more robust signal. It’s so much more secure. 

Many homeowners are also requesting internet boosting technology, especially if the square footage spans larger than typical or if there are any signal blocking elements within the architecture of the home that would interfere with the signals.”

Anything else you want to share?

“There is no one-size-fits-all with a holistic security approach. From cameras to monitoring, to rapid response, to video analytics, to background checks, to secure transports, to picking up your mail… there is nothing that a full-service security company won’t do to ensure the safety and peace of mind of their clients.”

For more information on Avante and their offerings, visit their website at  avantesecurity.com.