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05 September 2019
Bosley Real Estate

Do Smart Homes Seem Intimidating? Here Are 4 Things to Know

Smart homes have become much more streamlined and popular in the last few years. The idea of a smart home means something much different now than it did to  Disney in the ‘90s. Today, most technology you can dream of to make your life easier is within reach. And because of this, our homes are running more smoothly.

There are endless methods to make your house or condo a smart home - from automated blinds to keyless smart locks. But updating your home to the smart age can seem intimidating.

We spoke to the Toronto-based smart home automation experts at OnHive. Here are a few pointers they had to ease into smart home technology:

Know that there is an option for everyone

As a homeowner, you can integrate smart home appliances at whatever your budget or interests. This could mean a simple integration (remote lighting and thermostat control) to a more complex setup (custom-connected lifestyle, entertainment, and security features). Essential to consider is what you truly want from your home automation system. Research or even a consultation with experienced professionals like those at OnHive  can help narrow down your options.

Get in touch with service providers before moving in

Our Realtors see many new homeowners renovating their homes before moving in. If you are considering making your humble abode a smart home, just after purchase is the perfect time to consult a tech solutions company. Incorporating this automation integration into any renovations cuts down on construction time and ensures that all new features work together. Smart home features like temperature control, security systems, audio-visual integration, can all be carried out to create a unique digitally connected space.

Hire a smart home automation company that meets your requirements

Some tech companies only work with certain manufacturers and restrict the customizations they offer. Instead, hire a smart home automation company that is affiliated with different automation equipment manufacturers in the market and can build you the custom connected home you want. The results you wish to achieve should be their priority!

Consider your budget and requirements, and convey this clearly

The cost of home automation projects varies greatly. Make a list of your requirements first – do you only want lighting automation and climate control? Do you want more security and safety features? Do you want a centralized automation system or a simpler version that gives you control over basic electronics and products?

Once you have considered all of your options, get a quote and see if it fits into your budget. Smart home consultants can help you to arrive at a decision based on your desires and your budget.

Smart home technology can be intimidating, but under the guidance of experienced professionals like OnHive, a smart home can add convenience and comfort while taking the stress away from your life.