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12 June 2019
Bosley Real Estate

What to Expect from a Home Inspection

When you buy a used car you get it checked out by a mechanic first - so why aren’t homes being inspected similarly upon purchase?

This is what Alan Carson thought more than 40 years ago when he and partner Bob Dunlop decided to create their home inspection business,  Carson Dunlop. Carson and Dunlop identified this void and decided to apply their experience from inspecting commercial buildings to the residential side of real estate.

At the time,  the home inspection industry was just emerging in North America and the general consensus was that no one really knew what they were getting when buying a home. Today’s first-time homebuyers are more informed now than was the previous generation. Purchasing a home without an inspection is unimaginable today.

We got an insider’s take from Carson and discussed ideal inspection timing, proactive approaches, and what the future has in store for the inspection industry.

Turning the Tables on Timing an Inspection

Historically, people got in touch with a home inspector when a conditional offer was accepted. Buyers are working against a clock, and once an offer has gone in, inspectors are needed as soon as possible. Lately, Carson has noticed the industry moving in a different direction: inspect before you list.

To Carson, it seems natural that you would want to know the state your home is in before you list it - homes tend to sell more quickly and with fewer hiccups. Additionally, you will be better prepared for negotiations when the results of the inspection are of no surprise to you. Carson does, however, advise sellers against making functional repairs post-inspection, such as replacing a roof before a home is listed. With a home sale on the horizon, current homeowners are likely to take the cheapest and quickest route for these types of fixes, spending money, time, and energy on something that won’t stand the test of time.

“People have a nesting instinct where they don’t feel as if a home they purchased is truly theirs until they’ve made changes of their own,” Carson explained. “Even something like replacing a roof still gives you the chance to choose what you want rather than what the previous owner wanted.”

Lifting the Veil on Home Inspection

A home’s number one enemy is water - hands down.

But aside from thermal imaging, which allows inspectors to find moisture that isn’t yet obvious, inspectors pay specific attention to things such as eavestroughs and downspouts.

Why are these water-directing implements so important? Because if water ends up in the basement homeowners will find themselves in terrible situations. Foundations will leak if water accumulates outside them, and almost no basements are watertight. With the help of an inspector, you can identify what can be done to prevent wet basement problems and ultimately costly fixes.  Preventative maintenance  is much less expensive than taking the approach of hoping for the best and waiting for something to break.

Technology is the Future?

If you’ve ever received an inspection report, you know they can be lengthy and filled with jargon. This is why Carson Dunlop’s  Horizon Home Inspection Software has proven to be a complete game changer.

Inspection reports are concise and complete with photos and illustrations that present the information in a clear and visual way. With this new technology, clients are able to decipher traditionally hard to understand information.

Too many home inspection reports don’t help the client understand the truly important takeaways. With the use of the software,  clients can better receive the message and the understanding of its implications. There is no doubt the inspection process can be stressful, but with same-day reports that are easy to comprehend, communication improves. The software, first introduced in 2004, has undergone many updates and changes, including the addition of a phone application launched in 2016. Home inspection information at your fingertips!

With the way the industry is headed, home inspections are no longer just a must for homebuyers anymore. Homeowners are taking a more proactive approach to maintaining their homes, and with the introduction of new inspection, software reports are easier to understand. Thanks, Carson Dunlop, for helping to make home inspections a cinch!

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