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29 May 2019
Bosley Real Estate

Virtual Staging: Not a Bosley Practice

Recently, Macleans’ published an article on virtual staging, enhancements made to real estate photos to make a property look more appealing. Bosley realtor Steven Fudge was quoted in the article and made some excellent points - Fudge states that he focuses on "style enhancements" as part of physical staging and that, with the help of a wide-angle lens, promoting the uniqueness of a property often speaks for itself.

After 90 years in the real estate industry, we have seen many changes to the way that homes are marketed and sold.

At Bosley, we don’t see value in virtual staging. For our realtors and photographers and marketers, it crosses a line. We spoke with Bosley marketing team member Orlando Mac, who works on both sides of the fence - both for us and for Real Estate Photography company  Elite Properties. He has a unique perspective, as most other photographers don’t understand the legalities around real estate photography,  Real Estate Council of Ontario, and general current real estate standards.

"As photographers, we are hired to make even a tear down look appetizing. Most of the time, we accomplish that with better lighting.

Our imagesarephotoshopped – and I can understand that many would consider that cheating. However, what we are editing in our photographs is mixed light.

We hand blend ambient light photos with strobed images (which requires Photoshop). The reason we do so is to get more accurate colours and textures – not to clone stamp away problem areas. HDR images produce inaccurate colours because the white balance in a room is mixed. You get a blue light cast coming from the windows, an orange-yellow cast from the internal tungsten lights, and sometimes green from cheap fluorescent lights. So combining layers to make the colours accurate gives the most optimum quality and most realistic look. It’s not cheating, but making the images closer to what you see when you walk onto the property. This is the kind of special touch that you can’t get that out of a regular iPhone or Canon Rebel. This is why Realtors use photography professionals.

Bosley agents don’t photoshop anything structural – removing overhead wires, electrical boxes, streetcar tracks, etc. Even editing a patch of dead grass comes down to whether the realtor can guarantee that they have an image - verifiable proof! - that the grass grew there at one point.

Our photography teams take this kind of cheating seriously – we aim to showcase a home in its best light, literally, without resorting to cloning and overt modifications. But I know for a fact that this editing is commonplace in some brokerages and photography providers.

Something to keep in mind, however, that is industry wide - realty photographers frame every photo we take to showcase the property. If there is a hole in the wall, you can guarantee we aren’t going to frame it in the middle of our photo – this is composition rather than deception."

Thanks, Orlando!

Bosley is one of the few companies that employs feature images which zoom in on details of a property – it is one of the many things that sets us apart from others. Click here to see an example!

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*All images are examples of listing images by Bosley