Bosley Blog Evolution of Excellence in Home PhotographyAt Bosley Real Estate, we pride ourselves on being a family owned and operated company. In the truest sense, the fourth generation of the Bosley family is at the helm but we also consider our employees and vendors extensions of our family. While each of our team members is in charge of his or her own set of responsibilities, we also make it a priority to help people grow and shine on their own! No truer example of that is our very own Orlando Mac, who works both on Bosley’s marketing team and as the owner of his own company, Elite Photography. 2019-04-18T16:20:00Zd402d42d-7eca-49a3-b110-7f33a1e07dc9 up with Interior Decorator Michaela Burns from Mint DécorFinding the right home is just as much about the house itself as how it will be styled once you own it. We recently sat down with Michaela Burns, Owner and Principal Designer for Mint Décor, to chat about all things interior decorating and give our community a better sense of what revamping your space means.2019-04-18T15:46:00Z8933d213-21b7-4baf-8784-0aa3796f0d77 is a Luxury Home?While it may be a cinch to understand what makes a luxury vacation, hotel, or handbag, when it comes to defining the Toronto luxury real estate market, it’s not as simple or straightforward.2019-04-08T18:01:00Z3c0b0293-42cb-4067-b49d-275d868e7238 You Need to Know About Realtor Commission When preparing to sell a house, it is important to consider the Realtor fees associated with the sale, as sellers are often responsible for covering these costs. Given that there is no fixed rate, these fees can be a bit of grey area. In this blog, we want to break down how these commissions are calculated.2019-04-08T14:17:00Z