Market Insights Real Estate Market Insight -November 15th, 2019HO HO HO here comes Santa! The annual Santa Clause parade comes to town on Sunday and if that doesn’t signal the start of winter then this week’s blast of early snow sure did2019-11-15T21:23:00Zbc9cf15a-6a3a-4230-a58f-11d25d46452f Real Estate Market Insight - November 8th, 2019Bosley Real Estate Market Insight - November 8th, 20192019-11-08T21:07:00Z53bd9a41-dc6c-48f0-8d51-1eca3d6afbdc Real Estate Market Snapshots - Toronto - October 2019Bosley Real Estate Market Snapshots - Toronto - October 20192019-11-06T20:14:00Z3bae90d2-6282-409e-a485-e29fe9f30caa Real Estate Market Snapshots - GTA - October 2019Bosley Real Estate Market Snapshots - GTA - October 20192019-11-06T20:05:00Z7de98cad-4ad4-4852-b167-63868014e290 Real Estate Market Insight - November 1st, 2019Bosley Real Estate Market Insight - November 1st, 20192019-11-01T19:09:00Z3d3fa0d2-8e3e-4e8f-8a40-814fec1ccf1c Real Estate Market Insight - October 25th, 2019Bosley Real Estate Market Insight - October 25th, 20192019-10-25T19:16:00Z83e81b8b-7059-4856-94c7-27f29e86d127 Real Estate Market Insight - October 18th, 2019Bosley Real Estate Market Insight - October 18th, 20192019-10-18T17:01:00Zaf65bd6c-3cf8-4d48-99f7-f860eb607527 Real Estate Market Insight - October 11th, 2019Bosley Real Estate Market Insight - October 11th, 20192019-10-11T16:17:00Zc2b97b18-633e-4f32-9ad8-9a2fe8ccc290 Real Estate Market Snapshots - GTA - September 2019Bosley Real Estate Market Snapshots - GTA - September 20192019-10-04T20:06:00Z44506ab3-166b-41c1-85f4-468409f6305d Real Estate Market Snapshots -Toronto - September 2019Bosley Real Estate Market Snapshots -Toronto - September 20192019-10-04T19:58:00Z24766925-b631-4cdb-b743-b319fe20f131 Real Estate Market Insight - September 27th, 2019Bosley Real Estate Market Insight - September 27th, 20192019-09-27T18:55:00Z26c9c38d-127c-4724-a74a-68af077595fd Real Estate Market Insight - September 20th, 2019What a difference a week makes! The real estate market is red hot.2019-09-20T12:05:00Z5dc9cdf5-717e-4f4a-a528-9712cd32f2a9 Update for the Week Ending September 13th, 2019Happy Friday the 13th. Ah, September. Our favorite month. The kids are back at school, the days are still warm, the nights are cool and we are all getting back into a groove. For us, September means more listing and sales activity and its time to open the floodgates for new property inventory. August inventory levels were challenging at best, but there was a sales rebound in Toronto which means house prices are rising once again.2019-09-13T15:15:00Z5039bec3-ec3e-4e4e-bab6-5ccb6a7c38c9 Market Snapshot - Toronto - July 2019 Bosley Market Snapshot - Toronto - July 2019 2019-09-06T19:46:00Zb5cc045f-e84f-4a0d-bbe2-760413c02230 Market Snapshots - GTA- August 2019Bosley Market Snapshots - GTA- August 20192019-09-06T19:43:00Zd05c0b52-a3a7-4729-9250-14a0f49bf999 Real Estate Market Insight - August 23rd, 2019Bosley Real Estate Market Insight - August 23rd, 20192019-08-23T14:52:00Z53a43fe7-39df-4756-a4a2-bf3d8342211b Real Estate Market Insight - August 9th, 2019Bosley Real Estate Market Insight - August 9th, 20192019-08-09T19:22:00Zbf763767-debe-477b-a9b8-0a18bc201361 Market Snapshot - GTA - July 2019 Bosley Market Snapshot - GTA - July 2019 2019-08-07T16:39:00Z98bd10c9-5ef0-4129-ba90-a07ca5b9f977 Market Snapshot - Toronto - July 2019 Bosley Market Snapshot - Toronto - July 2019 2019-08-07T16:37:00Z9875207e-fb53-41d5-a31f-adbe2037ecc4 Real Estate Market Insight - July 26th, 2019Canadian housing enters a “boring” era marking a new period of stability for housing sales, after a less-than-stellar 2018 and early 2019. 2019-07-26T18:24:00Z49a07bb7-8e2b-4796-be7a-fc875eefd18d Real Estate Market Insight - July 19th, 2019 The rental stats were released last week by the Toronto Real Estate Board and the demand for condo apartments still remains strong. 2019-07-19T17:15:00Z37b7a157-2391-4197-a239-ba4c959ba3f9 Real Estate Market Insight - July 12th, 2019Bosley Real Estate Market Insight - July 12th, 20192019-07-12T16:03:00Z3dfca0a5-a108-48e1-b5a9-1bdb3285133b Market Snapshot - GTA - June 2019 Bosley Market Snapshot - GTA - June 2019 2019-07-05T15:30:00Z90fe8c0f-588a-4eeb-981b-77de8715d9cd Market Snapshot - Toronto- June 2019Bosley Market Snapshot - Toronto- June 20192019-07-05T15:28:00Z217aeb1b-7644-45d5-86eb-b97b3cf5f630 Real Estate Market Insight - June 21st, 2019Bosley Real Estate Market Insight - June 21st, 20192019-06-21T15:07:00Z360e3580-1281-4f40-b0e2-57f4783bf8c0 Real Estate Market Insight - June 14th, 2019Bosley Real Estate Market Insight - June 14th, 20192019-06-14T16:11:00Z95b19729-4d34-47b2-8870-ccfa07a4c1f0 Market Snapshot - Toronto - May 2019Bosley Market Snapshot - Toronto - May 20192019-06-06T20:28:00Zc13dd5da-27b9-4d8d-917a-52e1b3f17792 Market Snapshot - GTA - May 2019Bosley Market Snapshot - GTA - May 20192019-06-06T20:23:00Zc16c606c-d7ee-41c0-af99-284845ba894e Real Estate Market Insight - May 31st, 2019Bosley Real Estate Market Insight - May 31st, 20192019-05-31T19:25:00Za5915c0d-3b6e-4620-8263-25d76c5c9f45 Real Estate Market Insight - May 24th, 2019Bosley Real Estate Market Insight - May 24th, 20192019-05-24T20:08:00Z30a1204b-98d4-4a3c-b306-3329e8679138 Real Estate Market Insight - May 17th, 2019Bosley Real Estate Market Insight - May 17th, 20192019-05-17T19:03:00Z71905a50-b888-4fb2-a701-e14669555711 Real Estate Market Insight - May 10th, 2019Bosley Real Estate Market Insight - May 10th, 20192019-05-10T19:59:00Ze015a7d9-bc12-44b0-9f51-e7ca5c0ac906 Market Snapshot for Toronto - April 2019Bosley Market Snapshot for Toronto - April 20192019-05-09T19:14:00Ze1cf1a18-8c19-486a-b7ea-6680dc98e117 Market Snapshot for GTA - April 2019Bosley Market Snapshot for GTA - April 20192019-05-09T19:11:00Z3d8a8456-5ed1-459e-bc66-78d172c44cba Real Estate Market Insight - May 3rd, 2019Ok mother nature why are you playing games with us? It says May on the calendar but feels more like March. What gives? Rain, strong winds and cold weather is messing with our business. As we transition from this dreary weather to sunshine and cherry blossoms, the Toronto real estate market remains fickle.2019-05-03T15:22:00Z31e4c1cc-82a8-44bf-85a4-1884f1e24ead Real Estate Market Insight - April 26th, 2019Bosley Real Estate Market Insight - April 26th, 20192019-04-26T15:54:00Zd38837a1-d142-4eef-9de8-cd9a635a50b7 Real Estate Market Insight - April 12th, 2019Bosley Real Estate Market Insight - April 12th, 20192019-04-12T18:48:00Z2484ae57-2f0a-45d4-956a-d04ae51b0639 Real Estate Market Insight - April 5th, 2019Bosley Real Estate Market Insight - April 5th, 20192019-04-05T18:58:00Z2d834e16-20c6-4333-b0ef-7cb23a60ae7d Market Snapshot - March 2019Bosley Market Snapshot - March 20192019-04-05T13:56:00Zee4b50f5-a054-45cc-9731-13b2406ca443 Real Estate Market Insight - March 29th, 2019Bosley Real Estate Market Insight - March 29th, 20192019-03-29T18:05:00Z964c5313-fc46-478a-a206-3d1e5505bdcf Real Estate Market Insight - March 22nd, 2019Bosley Real Estate Market Insight - March 22nd, 20192019-03-22T19:43:00Zd72fc0dd-8aa8-40fc-bac5-a8c3ab281979 Real Estate Market Insight - March 15th, 2019We’re all hoping that everyone returning home from their March break vacations will all be energized and ready to buy or sell.2019-03-18T15:02:00Z3252f43d-c3b9-4d99-87a4-a2ca14dac927 Real Estate Market Insight - March 8th, 2019Without question the weather Toronto has experienced so far this year with unsightly banks of grey hardened snow and ice, has delayed the market action.2019-03-08T21:35:00Z64f37eaf-b77a-4e6a-b421-1d7ab0ebabbe Market Snapshot - February 2019Bosley Market Snapshot - February 20192019-02-28T20:36:00Z4fbedb02-0137-4ee9-8afd-0787ce9522b6 Real Estate Market Insight February 22nd, 2019Usually by this this time in February we are normally gearing up for the spring market to start. One problem however...Seller’s didn’t get the memo.2019-02-25T16:00:00Z75c2f404-65c5-4bd0-9f48-31f4fadd20a6 Real Estate Market Insight February 1st, 2019Toronto is digging itself out of a major snowfall this week and now a polar vortex of extreme cold has moved in. 2019-02-01T20:58:00Zb749d71d-8ba2-4ff5-afb8-c908398e529c Real Estate Market Snapshot - January 2019Bosley Real Estate Market Snapshot - January 20192019-02-01T14:36:00Z2136f62d-7062-4376-ac56-396437dbb4e2 Real Estate Market Insight January 25th, 2019We are almost a month into 2019 and it feels like the Toronto real estate market is getting a fresh start. 2019-01-28T15:46:00Zd92c1384-adeb-4612-a241-952ab58c71d9 Real Estate Market Insight - January 18th, 2019 Ah January. The month of new beginnings as we all wait for the real estate market to take off. 2019-01-18T19:55:00Z180033ae-eac5-4917-964e-a730674c864d Real Estate Market Insight January 11th, 2018As we reflect on 2018, it was a year of ups and downs, depending on where you live. Home prices were up slightly in the City of Toronto and down in the surrounding GTA regions.2019-01-11T17:57:00Z8b95a12d-3eb4-416c-9a2f-59e5babfe22e Snapshot for December A quick look at the real estate market during December 2018. 2019-01-04T19:00:00Zb3fc478b-6d80-4d9b-87fb-eabc1e4eb659 Real Estate Market Insight December 7th, 2018As with each passing year, 2018 was filled with its fair share of ups and downs. As we move forward into 2019, what will be in store for the real estate market in the GTA? Will there be calm and chaos? The big question now is how much will interest rates rise and will there be a correction in 2019? 2018-12-14T21:29:00Z97bc0d0d-8201-4c20-acb1-866b7bf4a141 Bosley Real Estate Market Insight November 30th, 2018As we head into the final month of the year it’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas! 2018-12-07T16:37:00Zfae34e00-b9fe-40db-a31f-35325b82012f Real Estate Market Insight November 23rd, 2018It’s the end of the road for GM – “General Motors 100 years in business.2018-11-30T14:58:00Z6b203ea1-2435-4d99-a688-bf1c7a3967dd Real Estate Market Insight November 16th, 2018Black Friday has surely made its way north of the border and line-ups will be forming outside stores in Toronto.2018-11-23T20:01:00Z04586e00-1f22-49c3-824d-5f1b4643ac6e Real Estate Market Insight November 9th, 2018It’s that time of year again. Santa Claus is coming to town and if that doesn’t signal the start of winter then this week’s little blast of cold sure did.2018-11-16T17:11:00Zd9390818-6bd5-46bf-88c1-7577c9e59520 Real Estate Market Insight November 2nd, 2018The Toronto Real Estate Board just released the market stats for October and we are seeing year-over-year increases in home sales and average sale prices. 2018-11-09T18:09:00Ze5644f4e-ace3-4735-a324-b7c174fe7706 Snapshot for October 2018A quick look at our real estate market for October 2018...2018-11-06T21:27:00Zd9eb6590-cc0b-4055-b9f2-a43dfab7e891 Real Estate Market Insight October 26th, 2018 Inquiring minds want to know if rising interest rates are having an impact on housing activity in Toronto?2018-11-02T19:22:00Zb0bb9659-f4a2-410a-bcb8-96bcf7549290 Real Estate Market Insight October 19th, 2018Come November, we’re firmly into fall but lately the real estate market feels like it’s spring out there! 2018-10-26T15:32:00Z7b065dd6-b5ce-4919-a43a-84f01e8649b9 Real Estate Market Insight October 12th, 2018 As we find ourselves midway thru October, it's going to quickly become primetime to view the changing landscape and watch the leaves change right here in our own backyard. 2018-10-19T20:34:00Zec8883f8-7aec-4cf7-acaf-553a2ab2f267 Real Estate Market Insight October 5th, 2018 Countdown to Cannabis in Canada, October 17th, 2018 Canada becomes the second largest country with a legal national marijuana marketplace. Uruguay launched legal sales last year, after several years of planning.2018-10-12T13:55:00Z14e80e6d-c418-4b5a-8d5c-c3474f5a1732 Snapshot for September 2018A look at the real estate market for September 20182018-10-09T17:15:00Zb833ebc9-7f0d-4001-aec3-7f619976b156 Real Estate Market Insight September 21st, 2018T O R O N T O has been discovered globally as a world class city! Following the likes of New York and San Francisco, investors are starting to show interest. 2018-09-28T18:21:00Z0c5565bc-f04a-4525-8b47-fd96e4ee3273 Real Estate Market Insight September 14th, 2018 Ah September. Just as we predicted, and the fall real estate market is off! The floodgates are open and new listings are finally coming to market. The question again is do you list low and create a bidding war or list at where you think it will sell?2018-09-21T15:52:00Zba88f44a-c8b6-48ba-a9ee-13dd03b950ad Real Estate Market Insight September 7th, 2018Parents unite. You made it through the first week of school. Even 2018-09-14T17:44:00Ze94b1f2b-8377-4c5c-aa1b-f0174bd916ce Snapshot for August 2018A quick look at our market for August 2018.2018-09-11T16:51:00Zbe7d2e56-22a2-4868-9f97-7239f7121ffb Real Estate Market Insight August 31st, 2018No question this has been a hot, hot summer and some long periods of drought. The Toronto real estate market is also suffering through a long period of listing drought. 2018-09-07T15:04:00Z78d8e434-51ba-482e-a323-ca6fdecee1f1 Real Estate Market Insight August 24th, 2018For most people the New Year starts January 1st, but for some others, teachers and realtors included, the day after Labour Day everything starts new on that day. We 2018-08-30T19:09:00Z4f9c82a3-8e38-49f2-ac2b-a6c8782c1e41 Real Estate Market Insight August 17th, 2018So, the battle is over and the Toronto Real Estate Board's request to appeal a dispute with the Competition Bureau has been declined by the Supreme Court of Canada.2018-08-24T14:18:00Z23132ff1-ffe4-4012-81f7-1fefc44cc76d Real Estate Market Insight August 10th, 2018Boom or bust? Where is the real estate market headed? Vancouver had it's lowest July sales since 2000. 2018-08-17T18:00:00Z8d50b18e-ecd8-453e-bee4-cfe170c390fc Real Estate Market Insight August 3rd, 2018The dog days of August are upon us, but great news for the Toronto Real Estate market. The average sale price for the City of Toronto in July was $824,336, up 8% compared to July of last year which was $759,441.2018-08-10T18:27:00Z91c47a29-ce12-4295-b254-de256f88d4df Snapshot for July 2018Take a quick look at the market for July 2018.2018-08-09T13:36:00Z6a914779-e4e3-49d2-8ef9-c82fbc5e2334 Real Estate Market Insight July 13th, 2018Rental housing stats were released this week by The Toronto Real Estate Board and the demand for condo apartments remained strong compared to the number of units available for rent. In the first half of this year there were 8,497 condo apartments leased in the GTA.2018-07-20T19:06:00Zc6e9ea34-b951-4d95-8725-da1ad5a8f524 Real Estate Market Insight July 6th, 2018June is the first month since the pre-fevered market that we are now seeing signs of a new normal real estate market! For the first time in a year we are seeing the average sale price for The City of Toronto exceed last year's prices. 2018-07-13T20:04:00Z207653f0-7401-4103-942e-ead2884e580f Snapshot for June 2018Great news! The housing market is showing signs of stability and it looks like we are moving in a positive direction!2018-07-06T16:33:00Ze4df355a-1441-4204-a83c-813b73dd96be Real Estate Market Insight June 22nd, 20180, Canada: Canada Day- Summer may officially start June 21, but for many, Canada's birthday heralds the official kickoff of summer. For parents it means no more early morning rush to get the kids packed up for school and traffic around the city gets a little lighter.2018-07-03T14:20:00Zd22dd05f-193b-4e3d-a963-2c6329921e09 Real Estate Market Insight June 15th, 2018Are we having a lackluster real estate market? Some of us might think that, but a house on Major Street in Toronto was listed for $999,000 and the other day received 20 offers and sold for $1,958,000! ! Yes, that's right 196% over the asking price.2018-06-22T19:11:00Z7c11bfb8-b552-4843-9a50-de1618c37cd0 Real Estate Market Insight June 8th, 2018Hard to believe we are almost half way through 2018. If that thought is depressing just psych yourself up for the best is yet to come. Sunshine and heat waves are in our future for the next few months, but are there signs that Toronto's real estate market has backed off slightly from the frantic pace that was the Spring market?2018-06-15T16:10:00Z562fd4fb-ce9d-4476-aa0e-0611411cc5b1 Real Estate Market Insight June 1st, 2018The gardens are lush in Toronto, but real estate listings do not appear to be flourishing. That seems to be what agents are complaining about these days.2018-06-11T14:31:00Z3288e01a-1ec4-40db-9d5c-c003974c1369 Bosley Real Estate Market Insight May 25th, 2018We had to double check the date on the calendar this week to see that it wasn't July yet! Mother earth has blessed us with glorious sunny hot weather. Take a stroll and you will find the patios brimming with people and copious amounts of beverages being consumed.2018-05-31T20:25:00Zd1014071-cd53-4809-8702-38e3b12b0e31 Real Estate Market Insight May 18th, 2018Queen Victoria's birthday is behind us now and that means the activity is gearing up for the final push for the spring market before summer sets in and trekking to the cottage begins. 2018-05-25T19:41:00Z3914a79a-248c-481e-a9ae-67635f8c08b9 Real Estate Market Insight May 11th, 2018The media is at it again this week with grim news that the "Housing market stumbles in spring". Yes, we know the number of sales is down if we compare it to last years figures, but that is nothing new. 2018-05-18T17:00:00Z85a0a31d-53bf-47f7-8d53-85470f033bfc Real Estate Market Insight May 4th, 2018As we transition from dreary wet weather to sunshine and cherry blossoms, everyone seems to be smiling and there is a new bounce to our step.2018-05-11T19:27:00Z43bc9efb-6081-4a1e-86a2-9b2118a0d37e Real Estate Market Insight April 27th, 2018April showers bring May flowers" It's May and it's finally warm and everyone is smiling. And yea the Raptors are in the second round of playoffs. With the spring market in full swing we are seeing a ramp up of new listings. 2018-05-07T15:19:00Zbd604f50-1c8d-469c-835d-3523b8ccc36c Snapshot for April 2018A quick look at the market for April 2018....2018-05-03T19:26:00Z83db45ea-b344-463a-acd2-92aea038ea47 Real Estate Market Insight April 13th, 2018Woohoo the spring market is heating up! The media headlines are all positive news that the Toronto-area and GTA real estate market is showing signs of a spring rebound and the recent strength in price marks the start of a new upward trend.2018-04-20T19:25:00Zf1bf68b7-0795-48a4-85bc-fd56b39f2aa5 Real Estate Market Insight April 6th, 2018Friday the 13th is generally believed to be a bad luck day. With a potential ice storm this weekend it might be bad luck. Old man winter just won't go away. When are we going to put away our coats and let the sunshine warm our bodies? 2018-04-13T19:14:00Z62378bb1-0a79-4d79-a24c-fff3eac65f60 Real Estate Market Insight March 30th, 2018Good bye March. Welcome warm weather, spring flowers, sunshine and more listings! The March real estate stats were released this week and when we add in the GTA figures it sounds like the real estate market is crashing. Not so.2018-04-11T18:26:00Z9665a2ae-d143-4154-ac1e-296d4c247c95 Snapshot for March 2018A quick look at our market for March, 2018.2018-04-05T14:54:00Z66c6beb8-3475-461b-ab4b-66509039c9b6 Real Estate Market Insight March 23rd, 2018Ready, set, go! Spring has sprung. This weekend approaching is Easter, and millions of people will delve into delicious chocolate eggs, head to church, participate in egg hunts and be thankful for the arrival of spring.2018-03-29T20:33:00Zfa6daae2-772a-4f24-a781-08d241b5c296 Real Estate Market Insight March 16th, 2018Is it really true that Facebook users are signing off? Have we all been hacked? That seems to be the big news this week. 2018-03-23T20:06:00Z4ca80f43-b8c6-456c-9114-674e65a1e5d2 Real Estate Market Insight March 9th, 2018Anyone reading the news will surely be confused by what the media has to say about the real estate market these days. So, what is really going on? 2018-03-16T17:07:00Z0b6c580d-1ab1-4226-8e7e-829ad625f331 Snapshot Feburary 2018A quick look at the market four Feburary 20182018-03-14T13:57:00Za2791b46-7d98-4a38-9e54-f3e660fdfaae Committee and The Memebers of The 2017 Founders ClubBosley Real Estate presents the Executive Committee and The Memebers of The 2017 Founders Club2018-03-12T19:56:00Z536ae406-c8a4-4e32-8cb5-7085bb343ef0 Real Estate Market Insight February 23rd, 2018Should you list low and generate multiple offers, or should you list the property at what you think its worth? That seems to be a popular question in the office this week.2018-03-02T18:09:00Zfcc1d7cf-c082-4f3e-b4c8-179f7f3d37cd Bosley Real Estate Market Insight February 16th, 2018 At this point in the year we should be gearing up for the spring market, but we just aren't feeling it yet. 2018-02-23T18:56:00Ze35793fa-ad49-4cc2-b2ac-091107c5cfdb Real Estate Market Insight February 9th, 2018 The media likes to sell sob-stories to survive. The TREB market report was released this week and the news release in the media was all doom and gloom. Well not so in the City of Toronto. 2018-02-16T20:28:00Zda626e10-6509-4bb7-8318-5c38c484541c Real Estate Market Insight February 2nd, 2018 The media likes to sell sob-stories to survive. The TREB market report was released this week and the news release in the media was all doom and gloom2018-02-09T18:35:00Z672bc995-6c03-428c-84f0-a84aa9baf4da Real Estate Market Insight January 26th, 2018 Blue Moon - “a second full moon in a calendar month” Has it cast a spell over the real estate market? 2018-02-02T15:02:00Z5f6defea-30bd-4aa1-b9e7-77e71de8f3f8 Real Estate Market Insight January 19th, 2018 The Toronto real estate market has had a sluggish start with slim listings and hesitant buyers. Generally speaking January is a...2018-01-26T20:27:00Zc1583118-553f-419e-9bb9-8a2c2b75e6ac Real Estate Market Insight January 12th, 2018Cold weather getting you down? Salt stains on your boots? Down in the dumps at your desk? January 15th - Blue Monday, is supposedly the most depressing day of the year.2018-01-19T20:57:00Zf0e6dadc-a825-4d9f-a4d5-4626d9b7c3fc Real Estate Market Insight January 5th, 2018Happy New Year ...... So the year begins. Let's sum up the market for 2017.2018-01-12T20:05:00Z67691102-f4d6-4652-aa8a-2e18ad6d7830 Real Estate Market Insight December 15th, 2017The time is almost upon us to ring in the new year and for many of us to embrace change. The real estate market in 2017 has been anything but typical in the GTA and the fickleness looks set to continue right into 2018. 2017-12-22T17:01:00Z4c8edbcc-d22b-40ed-9b58-042f81ce7361 Real Estate Market Insight December 1st, 2017As the calendar flips for the last time this year and we are three weeks shy of Christmas, it feels like we are all gearing up for the holiday festivities. The offices are a little slower and listings are dropping off. 2017-12-07T16:43:00Z15f9e8b8-2860-4bf7-b7b3-17b3c444a54c Real Estate Market Insight November 17th Over the years we have watched the Black Friday phenomena move north of the border and now it is not unusual to see line-ups outside big box stores in Toronto.2017-11-24T16:00:00Z611752a7-7414-4a05-a0ac-20350a9fbec1 Real Estate Market Insight November 10th, 2017HO HO HO here come the holidays! Santa Clause is coming to town. The annual parade comes to town on Sunday and has been a staple in Toronto for 113 years keeping the tradition alive. Does that mean we are winding down and getting ready for Christmas?2017-11-17T15:30:00Z67195cb5-a779-4821-9fee-cd832dd126ce Real Estate Market Insight November 3rd, 2017In the olden days of yore we used to judge the changing of the seasons by stepping outside and observing the natural environment. Cooler evenings and the kaleidoscope of colours would indicate the onset of Fall and a powdering of snow was a sure indicator that winter was upon us. 2017-11-10T20:55:00Z70bdb733-bcc5-4aa3-ab19-59dab1eaac7d Real Estate Market Insight October 27th, 2017The Toronto Real Estate Board released the market stats for October and its good news once again! We saw a dramatic increase in sales (7,118) between September and October of almost 12 per cent pointing to stronger fall market conditions. 2017-11-03T16:04:00Zde14c5f8-0f35-4e28-aee4-92437f1247f0 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING OCTOBER 20TH, 2017Do you have at least 20 per-cent home equity and need a new mortgage? Are your housing costs more than a third of your gross income? If you answered yes and yes, then you should mark January 1, 2018 on our calendar. That's when our banking regulator's new mortgage stress test officially kicks in. And if you meet the criteria above, you may not qualify for as big a mortgage next year as you do today. Will this create a little mini boom? Two consecutive months of rising sales in August and September confirm that buyers are surfacing again and Sellers in the Toronto area seem more confident with more listings coming to market. Agents are predicting a small flurry of buying as people rush to ink a deal before the new requirements come into effect.2017-10-27T16:43:00Z4386a18e-1d4d-4fd1-874c-1d846b14023a Real Estate Market Insight October 13thWe’ve recently noticed a trend of Realtors walking around and playing with yo-yo’s. Yes, that well known toy that goes up and down the string, up and down, up and down. 2017-10-20T20:26:00Z6af9302e-97e3-4618-9a4f-a346d3af61b3 Real Estate Market Insight September 31st, 2017Call us unimaginative, but along with being thankful for family, good health and warm fall weather, this year we are going to be thankful for being Realtors®. Again. Sure, it has been and up and down and up kind of year and no we have not moved out of the near bottom ranking of jobs people like to hate, but nobody gets to explore and enjoy the city like we do. 2017-10-06T19:55:00Z460e9587-2c2e-467e-9bc2-1ef7d5aceb6b Real Estate Market Insight September 22nd, 2017This past week we in the industry seem to be of two minds. It seems all the Realtors are holding the same half full glass of water and we are debating the age old question of is the glass half full or is it really half empty. Some Realtors are trying to hold offer dates and others are trying to list where they think a property’s market value lies. 2017-09-29T14:59:00Z8f4cb41a-62b6-4218-a439-c071d74ebfd3 Real Estate Market Insight September 15th, 2017Ground Control to Major Tom, take your protein pills and put your helmet on. And just like that the Fall market has started. In case you have been away this summer it might be worth a quick recap on just where we are in the real estate world. 2017-09-22T17:08:00Z038a70c3-b3e4-4215-b8b9-20919c3abae3 Real Estate Market Insight Back to school in September always feels like the beginning of a new year for real estate. We are all prepping and preparing for the Fall Market. So many predictions are made but time will tell us how it will all unfold. 2017-09-08T18:27:00Z907a92cd-8b63-4f90-afec-75a0f3e8eb5b Real Estate Market Insight August 4th, 2017 As we approach the middle of August, the traffic around the city gets a little lighter and it seems like it’s your last chance to take a bit of a breather before we start to think about getting ready for the fall real estate market. There is much talk around the office about all the new listings that will be hitting MLS after Labour Day. Will it be a repeat of May when we saw an excess of listings come to market? Are buyers waiting patiently for the impending influx of new listings to satisfy their desire for a place to call home? 2017-08-11T15:53:00Z32adb770-cf02-4915-9f44-053d6211321e Real Estate Market Insight July 28th, 2017The dog days of August are upon us. The weather is finally hot, hot, hot and sipping drinks on a patio is where we all want to be. Listings are slowing down but last week sales were slightly up by 8%. There was a significant increase in open house traffic last weekend and agents are seeing more appointments being booked on their listings. Stories around the office of properties that had 9, 16 and 18 offers this week got everyone all talking. Is pricing low to generate offers the way to go? Some agents believe to list with an asking price close to market value and accept offers anytime and some believe to list low and set a date for offers. The latter seems to be happening again. It’s too soon to tell if a flurry of sales signals a trend that some buyers simply need to move on with their lives. 2017-08-03T16:01:00Zbcde5cbb-157a-40ca-8944-8460654803ef Real Estate Market Insight July 21st, 2017Are we all tired of reading and listening to what the media has to say about the housing market in Toronto? There wasn't a week that went by that some so called expert didn't write their views about the market. For sure market conditions have changed and we are all adjusting, so why don't they give it a rest. The last major housing correction followed a global economic crisis in 2008. The conditions aren't there this time for a major market meltdown. The Toronto market still needs time to absorb how the buyers and sellers are going to react to the policy changes.2017-07-28T13:40:00Zfecd0237-a044-43af-a6cb-72273e921bf8 Real Estate Market Insight July 14th, 2017The traffic has slowed down and you can tell most people have ventured out of town for their summer holidays. The weather has finally warmed up and everyone is taking advantage of the great outdoors. Open house attendance has dropped off and property showings have slowed down. In real estate language, we call this "The Summer Market". 2017-07-21T19:21:00Zc879676e-8494-4d3d-b9a0-a397ec9744dc Real Estate Market Insight July 7th, 2017 If you are working the downtown condo market or involved in the ridiculously heated rental market you might wonder what all the talk is about a declining real estate market. However, if you are working the uptown detached market you might be trying to focus your inner Stuart Smalley by slowly repeating “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and gosh darn it people want to buy my listings2017-07-14T16:49:00Z60f51449-5373-408f-ba1b-bce69083753f UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING JUNE 23RD, 2017Pride week in Toronto was a colourful success and Bosley's participation in Family Pride was a whole lot-of-fun! As we are coming up to the much anticipated "Canada 150" long weekend, this will be a weekend to participate in the festivities around town. With so many events happening in Toronto to celebrate Canada's big birthday it will be hard to narrow down which events to attend. 2017-06-30T15:49:00Z23f26db9-1582-43ac-8687-f9612491c584 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING JUNE 16TH, 2017Back in the old days of real estate the Realtors® would work hard up until the end of June and then they would take the summer off, as did most of their clients. Over the past many years the Spring market has lasted well into the summer with usually just a short break in the dog days of August. We are definitely feeling old school with the slow pace of listings and even slower pace of sales heading into summer this year. 2017-06-22T15:01:00Z88081547-1120-4673-a864-445f06a585dc UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING JUNE 9TH, 2017 If the real estate market were like a game of golf we would probably be on the back nine right now wondering if we were going to pull our game together or bogey our way to the clubhouse. If you are a Seller you are definitely wondering how your game fell apart so quickly after hitting the fairway with every drive and sinking every putt through the beginning of the season. The confusing part might be why the Buyers haven’t picked up their game as we finish out the season. 2017-06-09T15:48:00Z5dff055f-c55a-4e38-8465-9f61710565eb UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING MAY 26TH, 2017 This week we had to order three extra bottles of water for the water cooler as it seemed everyone was spending an inordinate amount of time chatting about what to do next in real estate. We watched as the listings went down before the long weekend and as expected that resulted in lower sales last week. And as is typical after a long weekend the numbers of new listings jumped substantially thereafter. The trend we have been watching carefully is the number of sales that are occurring above their listed price. 2017-05-26T20:36:00Zc4181c64-bea2-4090-85f4-01461f666d4b Real Estate Market Insight May 19th, 2017Dear Vancouver, we are wondering if what is going on with our market is the same thing you went through last year? You see, our listings continue to go up and sales have dropped off substantially. Yet the Toronto Real Estate Board just released the mid-May statistics and shared that in the first two weeks of May prices have gone up over 17% compared to the same time-frame last year. And you might want to sit down for this next stat, because the leader of the pack was none other than condominium apartments which increased over 28% in value over the same period last May. Now we should also point out that the average price of a detached home in the 416 has actually declined slightly from the end of April going down in value 1.8%. Condominium apartments did increase in value over the end of April, but to be honest at an increase of .2% it is basically a rounding error.2017-05-19T19:33:00Z26ac9711-3433-4227-88c4-fef8c1938573 Real Estate Market Insight May 5th, 2017As we settled into our sales meetings this week the topic of the day was definitely what was happening to the market and if the recent government changes have had the desired effect in increasing the affordability of housing in the city. Much of our conversation centered around the differences between the massive downturn in the market in 1989 versus the brief pause in the market we experienced in 2008. While admittedly none of us actually own a crystal ball, the general consensus was that these past few weeks will likely be a pause in the market and not a large correction as some Sellers are fearing and most Buyers are hoping for. What we may be seeing as a result of this pause is a move towards more realistic pricing and less of setting a low asking price and letting the market show us the true value. All the more reason to make sure you hire a Realtor that knows how to properly price and market a property.2017-05-12T16:21:00Z32b5819d-6718-4727-af42-b7e0cf72846f UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING APRIL 28TH, 2017As Spring comes upon us and the trees and flowers begin to bloom, we Realtors often have to remember to stop and smell the roses lest we wake up one day to find ourselves in the dog days of summer.  Unfortunately, given the frenetic pace of a usual spring market many Realtors miss the awaking of spring entirely, instead focusing on helping their clients to buy or sell the home of their dreams.  Even after the announcements from the provincial government of changes to the industry, the market seemed to continue down its usual path through a freshly blooming garden.  2017-04-28T13:56:00Zd1f8f2f7-fe29-456a-9ec8-1a92faf5ca4e Real Estate Market Insight April 21st, 2017The sky is not falling. The pigs are not yet flying. And we are pretty sure that the price of real estate in Toronto is going to keep climbing, though perhaps not as quickly as it was already this year. But really, maybe it will. 2017-04-27T13:02:00Z8f462651-a6dc-4f20-bc91-85a7c26c604b UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING APRIL 14Th, 2017Last week the real estate industry took a slight pause while several major religions celebrated their holiest of days all in the same week.  In real estate the coming of spring normally heralds the beginning of the annual game of trying to show houses while the city, in an apparently random manner, shuts down streets and neighbourhoods for prolonged construction projects – BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP – We interrupt this regularly scheduled Bosley Insight for breaking news from the Provincial Government. It seems that the powers that be at Queen’s Park will be making changes to ‘slow down’ the real estate market in the GTA.  We wish we could tell you what this means but, like you, we will need a week or so to see how it all shakes out.  Stay tuned next week when we can report back on how pending legislative changes will affect Toronto’s buyers and sellers.2017-04-20T15:10:00Z61508505-302c-4ae4-9021-0b3698701c03 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING MARCH 31ST, 2017The old adage says that if March comes in like a lion it leaves like a lamb.  If we consider the real estate market in the same vein, since March started with a roar we should have had a nice quiet end to the month. Alas, the real estate market respects no old wives tales as it wends its way through the spring. The last week of March capped off a month that saw prices jump an average 33% over March 2016.  Through the year, the talk has been the lack of listings, and we are happy to say that March seems to have bucked this trend.  The number of new listings in March 2017 is virtually identical for both the freehold and condo market as the number of new listings in March of 2016.  Of course we complained about not enough listings last year too so we expect to see high demand pushing prices in an upward direction for the foreseeable future.2017-03-31T19:04:00Z0ad809bf-47ef-491d-a3c5-a850cac7de66 Real Estate Market Insight March 17th, 2017Excuse us if we seem a little distracted this month but we normally reserve our March Madness for that basketball tournament going on south of the border. Cinderella stories are all the rage when talking college basketball, but here in the Toronto market she can make it to the big event but never seems to catch the prince. Seeing your team get knocked out of the tournament can be maddening but at least you know that if they work hard and persevere they will be back next year. With competition in purchasing as strong as it has been all year, the real estate market is producing more losers than winners. And unlike the basketball teams heading home and thinking of next year, we worry Buyers will begin to take their ball home and call it quits.2017-03-21T20:35:00Z54306df1-df54-47d9-83dd-72e7f76561a5 Real Estate Inforgraph Feburary 2017EVERY MONTH WE SCIENTIFICALLY MONITOR STORIES IN THE MEDIA ON BOTH FREEHOLD AND CONDO MARKETS IN TORONTO. THEN THROUGH A PATENT PENDING PROCESS WE ARE ABLE TO CREATE A VISUAL REPRESENTATION OF WHAT THE MEDIA THINKS THE MARKET IS DOING. IS IT FACING A SLOW DEATH OR IS IT PARTY TIME?2017-03-10T15:41:00Z3b443c87-5f84-492a-b8b7-a8c006411c6f UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING FEBRUARY 24TH, 2017While we always enjoy spending time with our families, after all we are a family company, we never like what happens before the Family Day long weekend. Or really any long weekend in fact. The thing is, Realtors never like to list right before a long weekend which inevitably means listings drop the week before the long weekend and that creates what we like to call the real estate inversion. Before the long weekend there are a lot of sales and hardly any new listings and right after the long weekend there are a lot of new listings but not as many sales. 2017-02-24T16:35:00Z2be76a4f-2c95-402e-a74b-2ba2e475fa35 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING FEBRUARY 17TH, 2017We think it is safe to say that the Toronto real estate market is moving into uncharted waters these days. The go to response to the steady increase of prices has been the lack of listings, high demand and low borrowing costs. What has transpired are stories of multiple offers, wild bidding wars and many broken dreams. So, what should we expect as we move forward? Well, if there is any consolation, we are moving into the spring market and the usual increase in listings. 2017-02-17T17:06:00Z351ce6f7-11e3-4901-a86e-958cc5706181 Infographic January 2017Houston, we have a problem. Despite an almost 12% increase in sales activity this January, compared to January 2016, supply problems continue to make the headlines. In fact, the GTA resale market has not experienced such low inventory levels since 2002. Current active listings are nearly half of what they were last year at this time. The Toronto Real Estate Board reports that a supply problem is likely to continue to play out for 2017. “The result will be strong price growth for all home types again this year” says Jason Mercer, TREB’s Director of Market Analysis. It remains to be seen how many sales will take place in 2017 however a swing of even 5% could translate to either another record year or the second best year on record for the GTA. TREB also reported that less than 5% of properties sold in 2016 went to foreign buyers and was not a contributing factor to the steady price increases across the GTA.2017-02-09T20:13:00Z667e3634-e492-4d18-b313-d0fdd724e1bf UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING JANUARY 28TH, 2017Before we begin, we just want to say that this insight is going to be HUGE! It’s probably the best one so far. Quite frankly it will blow all the other ones out of the water. It is literally amazing. Actually, it’s not just’s INCREDIBLE. We know that you will think it is the most brilliant report on Toronto’s real estate market EVER. Actually, it is so astonishing that we thought about keeping it a secret just in case it fell into the wrong hands. Security is very important to us so please make sure that before you pass it around to your friends, they have been properly vetted.2017-01-28T19:50:00Z02723a69-58a8-4e5c-842a-3e696a2ddd0f UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING JANUARY 27TH, 2017Just for the record, we don't use any alternative facts in our market updates. In fact, we swore an oath to accurately reflect the size of the market so that our clients could make informed decisions. No need to proclaim any national holidays in our honour, just know that when you hear it from us it's the real deal....nothing fake about what we report. We will continue to march on.2017-01-27T16:59:00Z9e776c0a-50be-493e-ad66-160a6de6ebce UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING JANUARY 13TH, 2017Normally we aren't the superstitious types but if listings don't improve quickly we may be forced to throw salt over our shoulders, walk backwards under ladders or burn sage in our offices to break the spell. Generally speaking January is a slow month for new listings but demand is high and the weather has been kind so we were expecting a faster release of new properties on the market. Sellers and buyers alike might just be feeling the pinch of new mortgage rules and increased land transfer taxes. 2017-01-17T20:34:00Zc946b67a-f055-459a-b983-7b665cc1524f Infographic for December 2016It should come as no surprise that new listings, sales and active listings dropped off substantially in December. It is part of the usual winter market blip that we experience each year around this time. Included in the slowdown in activity are increases in the number of days on the market and the average selling price versus the list price. But December is an oddity of the Toronto market which has experienced tremendous success in 2016. Against all odds, such as a tightening of lending requirements, the Toronto Real Estate Board recorded 12,000 more sales than 2015, a nearly 12% increase in total homes sold. Remarkably this was achieved at the same time as recording a increase of over $100k on the average price of a home. According to TREB, the condo market was a major factor in sales volume growth and our own numbers bear witness to the demand in this sector.2017-01-10T19:45:00Z9996d21f-4150-4ac6-bcc2-f488807c542e Infographic for November 2016We are sure you are familiar with the old saying: "those that don't learn from history are destined to repeat it", Of course, we are talking about buyers. Last year at this time, many buyers decided to sit out the market over most of December only to pay the price in the new year. Losing out on multiple offers takes its toll (it's called buyer fatigue) but our advice is to keep up the pressure until the new year... chances are you will be happy you did. Last year prices shot up by double digits and have kept that pace all year long. While there are fewer homes on the market, the ones that are available have negotiating room. Meanwhile, the condo market continues to thrive as frustrated home buyers consider the condo alternative. 2016-12-07T22:04:00Z5b7d0ec7-19f4-4b6b-b636-52d9e568dc76 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING NOVEMBER 18TH, 2016Here we go. The Santa Claus Parade is the definitive Toronto tradition and if that didn`t signal the start of winter then this week`s little blast of cold air sure did. Despite the temperature drop there is no sign that the real estate market is slipping into hibernation just yet. We know there are many frustrated buyers out there but we would encourage them all to keep looking. If you are contemplating putting your buying intentions on hold you will pay the ultimate price when prices escalate in the Spring...just like they did last year. 2016-11-23T22:18:00Z422afb29-f6a0-4629-ac38-0113710e9149 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING NOVEMBER 11TH, 2016The freehold sector did not see much change in the number of new listings last week; however sales dipped by about 38% from 173 the previous week to 125. This drop is consistent with declines in sales over previous years and is more a statement of the approaching winter market than uneasiness in the US federal election outcome and continued adapting of the new Canadian mortgage rules which are likely only playing a small role. Still, sentiment for home ownership remains strong as nearly 65% of home transactions in the 416 sold at or above the asking price.2016-11-17T16:53:00Z21cdd095-2f7c-46e2-bc7e-d0e90f533107 Real Estate Infographic for October 2016As someone who has lived most of their life in Toronto, I am constantly aware of how far this city has come. But we did not achieve our success from chance or plain dumb luck. We got to where we are through hard work and determination. It's a reminder to me that nothing comes easy. For a lot of people, buying a first home is the reward of hard work. It is the ultimate statement of success. It screams..."Look at what I achieved!" At the same time, it is also a transaction fraught with anxiety and confusion. I know this because our company has literally negotiated thousands of transactions over the last 80+ years and I have heard the stories. The truth is that you can lower the anxiety and erase confusion if you have an experienced Realtor working on your behalf. I know that above all, or agents represent the best in the business. Let us demonstrate our knowledge during your next transaction. 2016-11-09T21:44:00Z53a43af5-5854-42df-8e33-5e49ed7838c6 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING OCTOBER 28TH, 2016Inquiring minds want to know if the new mortgage rules are having an impact on housing activity in Toronto. Frankly we are as curious as the next guy but as it stands now we have not seen much change. Overall activity in the 416 continues to be strong as demonstrated by rising prices across every category of shelter. For the first time, affordability in the rental sector is raising concerns as the average price of a one bedroom condo increased by over 7% in the 3rd quarter of 2016.2016-11-03T20:00:00Zbc10385f-24bb-4826-91e7-b245f88c4f35 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING OCTOBER 21ST, 2016This Fall has not been kind to our city. First, the Blue Jays got knocked out of the playoffs, then the Federal Government introduced tighter mortgage regulations. It was nothing more than a one-two punch to the stomach. But hey, we’ve been down this road before and if any place can be resilient in the face of adversity you know it’s Toronto. We just get back up, dust ourselves off and get back to business. 2016-10-26T19:18:00Z9b70b5b5-3499-46d4-8eab-fcf8f75ebfff Infographic for September 2016There seems to be great interest from our government to slow down the incredible price growth of homes throughout the country. At its core, the plan sounds rational. It’s like breaks to a speeding car; However, apply too much pressure and you can come to a sudden, and often uncontrolled, stop. But just the right pressure keeps us safely on the road. The trick is in finding the right pressure. I believe it is important to remember that while long running, our market is rooted in strong fundamentals, the biggest being that Toronto is an energetic, vibrant, multicultural city with plenty of opportunity. We know this city better than anyone, so if you are looking for expert advice on where to live call one of our professional agents. We can find the right neighbourhood for you. 2016-10-14T17:20:00Z4e91e4bd-694f-43a1-957a-987f6bcc3451 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING SEPTEMBER 30TH, 2016We aren’t sure what is worse...the break-up of Brangelina or the federal government’s proposed new mortgage rules. Like other government initiatives we Canadians can be pretty forgiving, and it’s likely that after we have adapted to the changes things will return to normal. But the end of Brangelina? Well that’s going to leave a scar. Maybe a Blue Jay playoff run could dull the pain. 2016-10-05T21:00:00Z5a80d356-0bdd-4fbe-b3af-f372715851e4 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING SEPTEMBER 16TH, 2016Ah September. Our favourite month. It’s not just the hot days and cool nights, or the pennant race or even the fact that pro football is back. For us, September means more listing and sales activity and after a traditionally slower August, its time to open the floodgates of new property inventory. It’s not a minute too soon either. August inventory levels where challenging at best. 2016-09-20T21:05:00Zafac3303-db0b-4c95-96d3-03ffd1117f7f UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING SEPTEMBER 9TH, 2016Parents Unite. We made it through the first week of school. Granted it was a short week but still... And while our minds shift from lazy days at the cottage sipping frosty beverages by the dock to the daily grind of school drop offs, after school programs and homework, one thing is for sure...the real estate market never sleeps. Sure it ebbs and flows but it is alive and well in the 416. 2016-09-16T15:19:00Z01feb320-59e5-45ae-9e1b-e4085c6fee69 Real Estate Infographic for August 2016We are starting to sound like a broken record as much of what we are reporting in the GTA real estate market last month is a close copy to this month. Again, sales are down, new listings are down, active listings are down and months of inventory is down. About the only thing up in the 416 are prices for both condominium apartments (up 5.5% in August) and detached homes (up 4%), with a year over year average increase of 17.7%, one of the biggest price jumps in 2016. Two notes of interest; August is traditionally a slower month for transactions so it should not be a surprise that the average number of days on market increased slightly, what is surprising however is the 13% increase in sales.2016-09-08T20:43:00Zc3d75954-672e-4ab5-bb9c-fef4f2df882c UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING AUGUST 26TH, 2016Webster’s Dictionary has two definitions for the word “drought”. The first is a long period of time during which there is very little or no rain and the second is a prolonged or chronic shortage or lack of something expected or desired. Toronto, it seems suffers both. Not only has it been the driest summer in recent memory, we are also suffering through the longest listing drought on record. Maybe there is some good news on the horizon; It is bound to rain eventually and the fall market is closing in. The question is... will it be enough to quench our housing desires?2016-08-30T20:59:00Z56fce261-ff75-45d4-95f8-bbfd8382d532 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING AUGUST 19TH, 2016No question about it, if you like it dry, hot and sunny then this has been the best summer ever. If you’ve lost out on multiple offers and are frustrated with the low inventory of homes then this has been the worst summer. While the weather is likely to cool, we don’t expect inventory levels to pick up significantly in the near future. 2016-08-24T20:35:00Zc96fd7f3-b3a4-4ad1-b07f-349cbef63ef8 Real Estate Infographic for July 2016Well if you felt that the real estate market in Toronto was cooling off a bit, you may be right. All signs point to a traditional summertime cooling that we have experienced for the past 20 years, although this one feels a little different. Despite the fact that new listings were down by 7.4% and the number of active listings was down a staggering 31.9% the Toronto Real Estate Board actually reported the best July on record with nearly 10,000 homes traded. What this essentially means is that buyers are continuing to dig into existing homes for sale and driving down the available inventory to below 1.7 months. In simple terms, if no new properties came to market from this point forward, there would be nothing available to buy in roughly 50 days! 2016-08-11T17:18:00Z54d05374-7d4f-4df1-ab7a-3cd268a92f86 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING JULY 29TH, 2016Don't panic. For further clarification we are not talking about Toronto's hot real estate market, we are talking about summer holidays. Despite all the back to school ads that are starting to appear, there is still plenty of summer left. As for real estate, well, sales remain strong despite a continued decrease in listings and as we enter the home stretch of hot weather, we expect listings will get tighter until Labour Day. 2016-07-29T17:37:00Z3af829da-2d1d-42c1-8dd3-fd31c9951c1e UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING JULY 22ND, 2016For the first time in a very long while, it seems like real estate talk around the city has died down. Maybe that’s a good thing for buyers longing for a little distraction from the frenzy. And if distraction is what you are looking for, well there’s the US election, Blue Jays baseball and hunting for the elusive Pokemon that are popping up everywhere. Just to be clear though, Toronto real estate is as hot as the weather with no end in sight.2016-07-22T21:50:00Z906eed01-50d2-45dc-b1ae-c168cbe35113 Real Estate Infographic JuneToronto's real estate market is often viewed as a riddle wrapped in a conundrum. Consider that the Toronto Real Estate Board recorded a 7.5% increase in the number of sales across the city yet the number of new listings are down 3.8% and total active listings have dropped by a whopping 31.4%. What does this mean? Buyers are still out there but they are eating into existing inventories. Today the city of Toronto has a mere 1.7 months of inventory across all housing types and if you focus in on districts where condominiums don't account for a significant portion of available inventory, that number drops to less than 1 month. Clearly demand is at a record levels while supply is as tight as ever. 2016-07-21T21:35:00Z5d11322e-cc9d-42e3-81cc-5c15fadc85db UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING JULY 15TH, 2016It’s mid July and the first smell of a calmer real estate market is in the air. The kids are happily ensconced in camp, the roads are less congested, the Blue Jays are closing in on first place and you've got your new favourite book packed and ready to take to the cottage. This is what life in the big city is supposed to look like! Sure it's hot, but we are Torontonians. We can brush off the heat alerts faster than The Four Tenors can brush off a member of their troop. 2016-07-15T19:30:00Zc4ad1a7c-e1ad-4adc-926c-db70ee1c58af UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING JULY 1ST, 2016It’s hard to believe that we’ve hit the half way point of 2016 already. It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the start of the spring market. Ah, those were heady times, buyers sat patietly waiting for the impending influx of new listings to satisfy a hungry desire for a place to call home. Well, months later, many of those same buyers are still waiting. New listings barely trickled to the market causing more multiple offers than ever before, not just on houses but condos as well.2016-07-05T19:14:00Z2bfa5681-0a38-4745-a653-4b2411530916 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING JUNE 29TH, 2016First we had Brexit and this week we have "schexit" also known as the last day of school (a unanimous vote to leave). For parents it means no more early morning rush to get the kids packed and out of the house. Traffic around the city gets a little lighter even with increased construction. But as we cruise into those hot summer months we have the opportunity to take a bit of a breather from our fast paced lives, take a trip out of town, enjoy some time sitting by the dock or under your favourite patio umbrella...unless you are trying to buy a house, in which case all bets are off. 2016-06-29T16:19:00Ze0902068-9cb7-4440-828d-c0dd07cc6a00 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING JUNE 16TH, 2016In real estate terms we call this time of the year the final push. It's that time for sellers to get into the market just before summer hits and thoughts turn to sipping beverages by the lake or taking the family on a summer adventure. Whatever your plans are, if you are a buyer, this is the time to consider getting into the market as new listings will tend to taper off over the next few months. 2016-06-22T00:28:00Z7b248f1c-5c6d-4882-8932-bbce4f3c0e5f UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING JUNE 19TH, 2016Low interest rates, immigration, shortage of housing. These are the “go to” topics used to describe Toronto’s housing dilemma. Frankly we are starting to sound like a broken record these days. The truth is that while these are sources of a frustrating market, they don’t tell the full story of Toronto’s great housing success. Simple demographic shifts in population mean that over the next 20 years more and more people will be moving to cities and Toronto is one of the top destinations on the global stage. For the foreseeable future this could be the new normal.2016-06-16T21:02:00Z4373be04-c968-4689-bca3-b1eba7126a25 Real Estate Infographic May 2016Judging by the numbers, May turned out to be a bit of a stingy month. Compared to the activity of April, the month of May saw a smaller percentage increase in new listings and sales. Despite the lack of listings however, the Toronto Real Estate Board reported a new record for sales for May, a 10.6% increase year over year. So with listings backing off the question to ask is...where is the inventory coming from? The answer is simple... existing listings. Those are the properties that have been on the market longer than 30 days. According to TREB, the number of active listings has dropped by over 30% compared to May 2015 highlighting the unbalanced nature of Toronto’s housing supply dilemma2016-06-08T21:12:00Z31af74ec-7211-4474-acdb-545b9dd84daa UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING MAY 27TH, 2016Ok, now that the Raptors are out of the playoffs it’s time to get back to the business at hand...real estate. It’s been a hectic Spring so far. Lack of supply, particularly in the freehold sector continues to be the significant factor in the increase in multiple offers and it’s no wonder that some buyers are feeling frustrated with the process. Sitting on the sidelines is not an option in this market as the challenges to home ownership are not likely to diminish over the coming year. 2016-05-27T20:44:00Z4686ce37-bffa-4d24-9a2e-19ed592655df UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING MAY 13TH, 2016It might be Friday the thirteenth, but this week the luck is all good, especially if you are a seller with a hot property to move. With the spring market in fully gear we are seeing a significant ramp up of new listings and, of course, the corresponding increase in sales. Inventory levels are still critically low which means that even those homes that would otherwise be considered “locationally challenged” are selling quickly.2016-05-17T18:27:00Zbc60d534-3a47-410b-bfa4-8a1ec206bedb’s Natural Wonders. The Cherry Blossoms of High ParkBlink and you’ll miss them — well, not quite, but if you wait too long to take in the cherry blossoms budding and blooming right now in Toronto’s High Park you might be disappointed.2016-05-16T21:06:00Z4b1b47a2-958e-4c3e-a9a8-a1330a22c1a7 Real Estate Infographic for April 2016How did March 2016 do? 2016-05-10T20:36:00Z151ddf94-073f-49ce-b437-71117129f03c UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING APRIL 29TH, 2016Toronto's real estate market is hotter than the release of the new Drake album. Our recommendation is to get used to the "new normal" of low interest rates and tight supply. In our opinion, strong fundamentals for continued growth in the housing and condominium sector across the Greater Golden Horseshoe will continue for some time. 2016-04-29T19:33:00Zd65d4715-09a2-4157-8261-18c9cc124f71 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING APRIL 22ND, 2016We hate to add fuel to the flame of an already sizzling real estate market in Toronto, but if you aren`t keeping score on what`s been happening you are missing out on some very valuable information. For the last few years we`ve been keeping better track of the Toronto market than Sportsnet keeps track of Josh Donaldson`s batting average. But averages don`t tell the whole story...that`s where we come in. Giving you the lowdown based on the experiences of over 260 agents working in the 416! 2016-04-22T16:56:00Z6120b672-fd62-44fe-bad7-052f34c67531 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING APRIL 16TH, 2016Houston, we have a problem. After the Season opener (no, not of the Toronto Blue Jays, we are talking about the spring real estate market) we welcomed the rise of new listings, both house and condo, coming on line. This was welcome relief to buyers who have been waiting on the sidelines to finally take the leap into home ownership. For three weeks in a row, new listings improved and, by natural process, sales improved as well. Then we hit a roadblock as new listings tapered off dramatically. We expect new listing levels to rise again but chronic supply issues may be the new normal for the Toronto real estate market. 2016-04-21T15:20:00Z44967939-4fa6-4883-95b1-3c93b58eecac UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING APRIL 8TH, 2016Its official...not only are the “Boys of Summer” back in town but Toronto’s spring market has officially kicked into high gear. There’s no denying that the process is exciting but, just like baseball, there are winners and losers. To win at real estate, you need an experienced agent on your side, waving you in from third base. 2016-04-12T15:43:00Z18d5a1e4-a52c-4a72-b5d5-a5967d2b775a UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING APRIL 1ST, 2016The date may say April 1st, but let us be clear...there is no joke about the Toronto real estate market. Hold tight, the spring market, the season of multiple offers , is upon us. Buying a property these days requires nerves of steel and a determined constitution. For the next few months media outlets will be sharing stories of stunning wins and colossal losses. Get ready for Toronto's own version of "Game of Homes".2016-04-05T20:52:00Z5d24870a-851e-40ee-b968-56dc6cef7132 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING MARCH 25TH, 2016It’s no big surprise that freehold listings are down, but there is a silver lining in that cloud. Last week we were only off by 14.6% compared to the same period last year when we saw an almost 45% decline in new listings. So, while the percentage drop is much better we still have fewer new listings overall for buyers to choose from. Sales remain strong with roughly 60% of all homes selling at or above the list price - where we saw 70% or more of available homes selling over asking in 2015. This year that number has stayed consistently in the 60% range. We believe this is more likely as a result of a higher list price and the fact that buyers are looking for other options, like condos. 2016-03-28T21:21:00Z8b01470f-c27a-44b2-9c80-5e2fc62025e1 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING MARCH 4TH, 2016Knock-knock. Who's there? Scarce listings. Scarce listings who? Scarce listings are causing multiple offers and sharp price increases. Ok, so we are missing the usual snappy opening this week but the lack of available listings has us, and our buyer clients, in a bit of a bad mood. Even with near record low inventory levels, sales have been extremely brisk. The frenzy of activity isn't just localized in the downtown core either. As the Globe and Mail recently reported, suburban homes across the GTA are experiencing a similar fate. The trifecta of low interest rates, strong employment and immigration are driving accelerated price growth across the region. As the Globe reports 'nearly half of all job growth and 75% of immigration' is happening in the 905.2016-03-08T22:02:00Zf5d389dd-2355-436e-a5f7-64c10428c581 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING FEBRUARY 26TH, 2016After an absence of several weeks, freehold resale listings are starting to move in a positive direction, increasing by 32.1% last week. The sweet spot for new listings across the entire core of the city is in the $700k to $1.5m range which increased nearly 60%, while sales in this category also saw tremendous activity, jumping 83%. What is interesting to note about the market is that cooler heads tend to prevail with only 60% of sales being recorded at or above the list price (compared to 76% a year ago).2016-03-01T20:33:00Z965138f9-6496-4f4d-a551-2007d3acc457 Update for the Week Ending January 29th 2016It’s hard to believe that we are already one month into 2016. This winter is already the second warmest on record thanks to our friend El Nino. In real estate terms, mild winters are a blessing for those intrepid Realtors.2016-02-04T15:16:00Z2ce65b7c-038e-45ec-9d94-225a70f8996c Real Estate Infographic December 2015How did December 2015 perform?2016-01-12T14:52:00Z5ba91f81-8ecf-4a32-88b8-c044e13e6777 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING JANUARY 1ST, 2016Our market insights give you a quick snapshot of what’s happening in the core neighbourhoods of the city. We track listings and sales of homes and condos from the 401 to the lake and stretch as far east as the Beaches and as far west as Bloor West Village. To truly understand and gauge the temperature of the real estate market in Toronto we scour the data available to us and record key metrics such as the number of properties in various price ranges and how many are being traded at or above the list price. 2016-01-04T23:41:00Zdeae117b-72a4-4e3a-8106-b6971bf9a8c5 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING DECEMBER 11TH, 2015Let’s agree to call the next few weeks the ‘calm before the storm’. Every year, in the days leading up to the Christmas holidays, the Toronto real estate market takes a little breather. 2015-12-21T14:27:00Z903340e6-98b4-40cc-9ebb-2c9d9b2d0ed0 2015 InfographicHow did November 2015 Perform?2015-12-10T14:20:00Zc90277d2-ad04-40fc-b2f5-5360c1f1ccbe Real Estate Market Insight November 27th, 2015Last week’s real estate market update could best be described by the simple phrase “no news is good news”. Across the downtown core it appears that while listings are inching lower, there is still plenty of appetite for buying a home. Give it time though.2015-12-02T16:50:00Z6207a69c-3269-4d70-91d2-493c058be3f7 Real Estate Market Insight November 20th, 2015After a brief dip a few weeks ago, the number of new listings in both the freehold and condo sectors jumped last week. While this increase is still much lower than historical averages it forces the question…what gives?2015-11-25T15:36:00Z14457c19-2853-4af5-925c-d4c1f730a412 Real Estate Market Insight November 13th, 2015With listings in both the freehold and condo sectors slowing down as we near the end of the month, the debate rages on. Should buyers wait until the New Year to purchase a new home or jump into the market now? 2015-11-18T16:14:00Z5c63014c-b007-487d-9131-b025b53896e2 Real Estate InfographicHow to October 2015 Perform?2015-11-16T15:28:00Zb00b4971-1a56-485a-b386-0d3de7595dc8 Real Estate Market Insight October 30th, 2015With no distractions to stand in our way for at least the next month we knew that we would see a return to a more traditional fall market. Things got off on the right foot two weeks ago and the steady pace of more listings and sales has continued just as we predicted. 2015-11-03T15:01:00Z924f8088-23a0-48ff-96c5-296c96164548 Real Estate Market Insight October 23rd, 2015While the Blue Jays post season run came to a halt last week Toronto’s real estate market is having a run of its own. Now that the election is over, and the world DIDN’T end, Sellers can go back to selling and Buyers can go back to buying…..and buying they did….in spades. Unless you count Halloween as a significant event, we should see a steady trading pace for the next few weeks.2015-10-27T22:51:00Zc6c30781-fbdb-453e-bb05-547d0f3704ab UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING OCTOBER 16th, 2015 Let’s go Blue Jays! Okay that’s out of the way. On to our weekly market update on Toronto’s fast paced real estate market. Ask yourself...does it ever feel like, despite your best efforts, the stars just don’t align? Two weeks ago we saw an awesome come from behind victory by the Toronto Blue jays AND we enjoyed a lovely long weekend. While these were very positive events in our lives they did contribute to a slowdown in both listings and sales in the downtown core. Last week that slowdown continued as we waded into the final days of the election. We shall soon see who reigns supreme. Are you ready?2015-10-21T14:45:00Z05d651e3-7c8d-49e4-bcb4-dd09d7756651 Real Estate Infographic September 2015Bosley Real Estate Infographic September 20152015-10-07T18:54:00Z43100aad-666d-47b1-a8d1-588c294b412c UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING OCTOBER 3RD, 2015 In our latest Market Insight we suggested that the reason listings were down was a reaction to the upcoming Federal Election. While there is little reason to believe that, whatever the outcome, home prices would be adversely affected, we wanted to prove that the theory was sound. We have been keeping records on downtown Toronto real estate for just over three years but only through one other election, that being last year’s municipal election which took place on October 27th. 2015-10-06T12:50:00Z0356111c-89c6-4807-9e7f-883ab08ef2ef UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING SEPTEMBER 25TH , 2015What’s up with Toronto’s real estate market? By all accounts, this is a different fall market than one we are used to. Listings are down by as much as 31.7% for freehold homes but are up by 6% in the condo sector compared to a year ago. 2015-09-30T15:10:00Z2695b7ce-7058-4c7b-965a-425b28d1aa2f UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING SEPTEMBER 18TH , 2015Two weeks ago we witnessed a tsunami of new listings in downtown Toronto but a relatively lackluster sales performance left us feeling kind of empty. We made the bold statement that perhaps the reason sales were so low was because most of the new listings were holding back offers until the following week.2015-09-22T13:44:00Z4e682e9c-2ac6-461d-be8b-41b01c497ddc Real Estate Market Insight September 11th, 2015Listings are up. Not just a little. Last week we saw new listings double to just over 400. The largest increase took place in the east core where sellers took to the market in droves. New listings were up a remarkable 500% while calmer heads prevailed in the west with a more realistic 53% increase in listings. With all the new activity one would expect increased sales activity however it appears that all the new listings just gave buyers more choice. There is also a subtle factor that is often overlooked. In a response to low listing levels over the summer, most new listings have offer dates for the following week. This means that, if we are right, next week there will be a substantial spike in the number of sales in the core. It will be interesting to see if we move the needle higher than the current 50% level for homes sold at or above the list price.2015-09-14T21:44:00Zf5347e53-4727-4fdd-80cd-33c68fa221e5 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING AUGUST 28TH , 2015In the condominium sector new listings have remained relatively unchanged over the last week while sales are down a little over 10% (from 200 units to 181 units). Sales at or above the list price are currently at 16.6% which is a solid indicator that the condo market is trading well. In the central core we noted a significant increase in luxury condos coming to market last week while there was a decline in number of mid-priced listings ($400k to $700k). 2015-08-31T22:12:00Z57ffb1a3-619c-4f06-9e05-894eb226317a UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING AUGUST 21ST , 2015A similar picture of the overall real estate market exists within the condominium sector. Although the number of new listings decreased by 4.6% last week, sales increased by 3.6% to 200 units, with 21% of those sales happening at or above the list price (up from 19% two weeks ago). Not surprisingly, there were fewer new listings in the central core’s entry level condo sector ($200k-$400K) yet it was that same sector that saw the biggest gain in sales. 2015-08-25T13:05:00Z78393e5d-8e7f-40a5-9be4-e72d1f547d2c'S FRUIT TREES, A BOUNTY AT YOUR DOORSTEPAll trees should be planted in nutrient-rich soil and in a spot that gets generous sunlight, and generally younger trees produce more fruit than older ones. For pruning and cross-pollination instructions (apple trees, for instance, grow better in pairs than alone), consult your local nursery for guidance2015-08-21T16:00:00Z3b2c0e5b-c8df-49bc-b763-90649079cca0 REAL ESTATE INFOGRAPHIC JULY 2015Despite the typical slowdown that hits the Toronto real estate market each July and August, we are still seeing a great deal of activity in the downtown core. Sales were up 8% compared to July 2014 despite consistently low inventory levels which have, in turn, driven the average price up nearly 11%.2015-08-11T20:06:00Z6dbd8c9e-a757-487a-8b03-afee06662843 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING AUGUST 7TH , 2015The freehold market took a well needed rest last week. New listings backed off by 17% from the previous week and sales eased by nearly 65%. While that seems like a large percentage, it is in line with traditional summer markets and the long weekend hangover. Naturally the true gauge of the health of the freehold market lies in the fact that nearly 40% of all homes sold happened above the list price. While certainly off its peak, that number is considered strong given the natural and cyclical slowdown in the market.2015-08-10T21:18:00Zb02293d8-b2b4-4f8f-9239-5c7aaa3cb233 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING JULY 24TH , 2015There are two simple truths that we learned last week; Kanye West is NOT a Canadian and Toronto’s real estate market turned in another gold medal performance. Sure, things are slowing down a bit but that’s more a seasonal tendency. What catches our eye is the fact that while listings are way down in both the freehold and condo sectors, sales are only down a little.2015-07-27T20:09:00Z98d1fa8f-9a7e-4515-9665-f8d6212cdee2 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING JULY 17TH , 2015The freehold sector had one of the single highest week over week changes with a noticeable 25.6% increase in new listings and a similarly grandiose 54.5% increase in sales last week. With that increase came slightly more demand as transactions at or above the list price edged up 2.5% from the previous week to stand at 54.5%. What stands out the most when we reviewed last week’s data was the amount of movement in the entry level home ($400k to $700k) 2015-07-21T10:38:00Z3a9dd6b4-ee5f-4212-bc05-47ef07acc653 Real Estate Infograph June 2015Consider that over the last month sales of homes across the GTA increased by a whopping 18.4% over a year ago. This sets a new record for June. The average price jumped by 12.3% in the same period yet active listings are down by 13.1%. The trifecta of fewer list-ings, low interest rates and high demand are here for the foreseeable future.2015-07-13T20:32:00Z9c90719e-c618-4b1a-8820-2b3a7dd73335 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING JULY 3RD , 2015In the condo sector listings have increased 8.9% since the week prior but have remained consistent over the last month at (767 listings in the downtown core). Sales are also down by a marginal 4.9% which only represents about 10 sales over the week. It is worth reporting that the key indicator of the condo market health has to be the percentage of suites selling at or above the list price. Last week that percentage was at a very encouraging 24.5% level.2015-07-07T11:36:00Z74197a7a-a037-46fc-ad84-666e6d9e7e61 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING JUNE 26TH , 2015 After hitting nearly 500 new freehold listings in early May, things have slowed down as we enter the traditional Summer market. Last week we dropped to just over 300 new listings. I t seems that buyers are s t i l l out in full force however as sales increased by 5% last week. We found i t interesting that sales at or above the list price tapered down to 53.8%, one of the lowest numbers this year. We expect that sales may under-perform during the month of July thanks to the Pan Am Games but demand will not slow down. This should make the fall market exceptionally busy.2015-06-30T13:42:00Z901c55eb-e418-4c8e-8ecc-ad460a81b07f UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING JUNE 19TH , 2015It’s funny how everyone seems to complain about the lack of listings. The truth of the matter is that last year at this time there were nearly half as many freehold listings available on the market. Sales continue to be strong year over year although comparatively the percentage of sales to listings last week was 51.7% vs 72.1% for the same week last year. The numbers indicate that demand may have slipped until you also consider the fact that both weeks recorded the same percentage of deals happening at or above the list price (59%).2015-06-24T11:59:00Zcb54d0c0-f7ef-41cc-902c-598c0d0866a0 THE RISK OF BASEMENT FLOODINGStrong, sudden rains bring flash flooding, which cause havoc with traffic on the roads, increase the likelihood of power outages, and unfortunately,  this is often the time when homeowners find out their basements aren’t as waterproof as originally thought.2015-06-22T20:46:00Z1becac33-7ee0-45a5-9945-f9b97e9ebccb UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING JUNE 5TH , 2015The freehold market has reversed its month long trend by recording nearly 11% fewer listings last week. Sales followed suit registering almost 15% fewer transactions and the percentage of homes selling at or above the list price was a more reasonable 67.7% compared to 72% a month ago. Clearly the effect of less product is not causing increased bidding wars. Sales of freehold homes continues to be robust but there is less urgency in the market.2015-06-09T12:48:00Z9779999e-92f9-425d-8649-b8bf777a50d2 Bosley InfographicPre-emptive offers, commonly known as “bully offers” are rampant in Toronto’s bustling real estate market. For the forseeable future we don’t expect this trend to decline. All the more reason to know how and when to deploy this buying tactic because it is not for the faint of heart. The truth is that we are hearing more about bully offers for one main reason...demand continues to grow while supply seems to be slipping. Overall, we feel that tight market conditions for all home types will continue throughout the year.2015-06-05T13:53:00Z7eee2aa0-6ef0-45a7-aa68-e66245de179f UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING MAY 29TH , 2015Case in point, the number of new freehold listings. Last week new listings were WAY up, this week they’re down by 3%. In complete contradiction to that pattern, sales are WAY up by over 88% from a week ago. And while the percentage of homes selling in multiple offers was off last week (54.3%)2015-06-04T14:49:00Z6597113e-24be-4bf4-b9b3-0b64ae629b19 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING MAY 22ND, 2015New freehold listings are up by 15.8% over two weeks ago. When you factor in some lower numbers due to the long weekend, it appears that listings have been increasing relatively steadily for the past two months.2015-05-27T12:57:00Z962516a1-ddf1-49b5-a911-aa08ba1610b2 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING MAY 15Th , 2015New freehold listings backed off a substantial 31.7% this week (representing over 100 fewer homes on the market). Clearly, people were thinking more about enjoying a cold beverage by the lake than getting their houses ready to sell. While listings were down, sales were up (by 5%) which in turn created nothing short of a mini buying frenzy.2015-05-20T20:47:00Z92c424e5-176a-4b49-87f7-179c5143086d at a property without a parking spot? It might not be a problemThere was a time when having a car made life a lot easier. “If you lived downtown 20 or 30 years ago, there were no grocery stores or other amenities,” says Bosley real estate agent David Coffey. But today? “You don’t really need a car.”2015-05-19T19:47:00Z70cc4f6f-2efa-4199-bbed-69aa6e06b07c 2015 InfographicWe all know that Toronto’s home market is hot, but in our mind the condominium sector just might be hotter. Consider the following; over the last six months or so, the number of condos selling at or above the asking price has been slowly increasing. 2015-05-13T16:51:00Z98d52652-3ed2-486a-ad79-bbc52886367d’s Natural Wonders. The Cherry Blossoms of High ParkBlink and you’ll miss them — well, not quite, but if you wait too long to take in the cherry blossoms budding and blooming right now in Toronto’s High Park you might be disappointed.2015-05-07T14:42:00Z79e797c8-1af8-482b-ac67-045ef64d10fd UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING MAY 1ST, 2015The condo market is…well, pretty much the same as i t was last week. We don’t get to say that very often. While listings are up about 9% from a week earlier, they are still off the peak of 786 units just a few weeks ago.2015-05-06T14:42:00Zee752511-e806-4a05-9f85-53f2b8fe830d Update For The Week Ending April 24th, 2015In a surprising twist, new freehold listings backed off by a little over 8% last week. Most of that came as a result of fewer listings in the central core. While sales have remained strong we did notice that the number of bidding wars dropped to 68% (from 70% the week prior). 2015-04-29T20:36:00Zaa494b67-a326-4d17-81c8-e8f5ae815c31 Update For The Week Ending April 17th, 2015The other day we saw someone wearing shorts. No, seriously. It wasn't just some random kid trying to make a point either. It was actually warm outside which leads us to believe that road construction is just around the corner...2015-04-17T19:44:00Z5ce3e6cd-fbdf-482f-a4f4-890c432a2cb3 2015 InfographicThe topic d’jour has to be the increase in the number of bully offers we are seeing on a daily basis. This is a direct result of low inventory levels and exhausted buyers...2015-04-10T16:04:00Z10f99275-938f-4ba3-b7c1-df3f1068e05a Update For The Week Ending April 3rd, 2015Are you feeling confused and a bit out of sorts? It is most likely due to the “Holiday Vortex”…. Too many long weekends packed together. 2015-04-03T15:25:00Zf8003229-1ea7-4ab9-ae75-331534dd13dd Update For The Week Ending March 27th, 2015Now that March Break is over and we seem to be easing into some warmer weather, it appears that Toronto’s real estate market has a bit more “spring” in its step. While there are just some puns you never tire of it is clear that Buyers and Sellers are back and are more determined than ever to get settled before the summer...2015-03-30T20:56:00Ze9c17cc2-57b0-41b6-9ca1-996e1648431a Update For The Week Ending March 6th, 2015If you’ve been following real estate trends for the last few years then you’ve probably witnessed the direct correlation between the weather and listing and sales activity in the city. The simple fact is that everyone hates to trade in real estate when it’s too cold or too hot. Case in point, we are climbing out of the deep freeze and as such, there is more activity in the market...2015-03-09T20:59:00Z6d82af8d-dea9-41b1-94f0-61ca0c68d75b 2015 InfographicThe number of sales for the month is up over 40% compared to last month and we’ve shaved almost 9 days off the days on market.2015-03-06T16:17:00Zec4169f9-b22c-4dbe-a500-dfaab38a85d5 Update For The Week Ending February 13th, 2015Friday the 13th is generally believed to be a bad luck day. But with a boiling Toronto real estate market, low interest rates and tight new inventory, today is a good news day for sellers who have been holding out, waiting for their ship to come in. It’s kind of like going to the grocery store for batteries the day before the big hurricane only to find the shelves are bare while the kid outside is selling them for twice the price. 2015-02-18T16:41:00Zbc0e8694-be46-4a69-b9c3-739b857bae6e 2015 InfographicApparently it’s not just Toronto’s downtown core that has multiple offers. We have talked to a number of brokers throughout the GTA who are reporting increased activity in their markets.2015-02-17T14:18:00Z75e91449-a938-447a-90ac-a90432fe25bd to the Bosley Family in 2014Tom Bosley, President, is proud to welcome the following professionals who have joined the Bosley Real Estate family in 2014.2015-02-05T20:11:00Z4901bbde-f5f6-4710-b5fb-b4ec234a84c2 Update For The Week Ending January 23rdWe can collectively hear home buyers breathe a sigh of relief as more listings come to market. Across the downtown core, freehold listings jumped by 67% since the early part of the month to 221 units. 2015-01-26T22:20:00Zdbd7fed4-b58d-4615-96b5-661779c00fc2 Update For The Week Ending January 9thHappy New Year and welcome to the first market insight of 2015. Every week our researchers pour through the listing and sold data posted on the Toronto Real Estate Board and separate out all the downtown statistics....2015-01-13T21:17:00Z1a2f8857-0b24-43cb-a714-e12b863b38d0 2014 InfographicT.S. Eliot started out his poem The Waste Land by claiming that “April is the cruellest month”. We tend to disagree. If you are a Buyer in Toronto, that distinction surely must rest on December.2015-01-08T17:41:00Z1591f905-00f1-4787-9e02-44999475f5c1 Update For The Week Ending December 12thWhile there were 63 fewer new listings last week, there were only 36 fewer sales leading us to interpret that buyers are still out there but they are digging into the standing inventory more than ever before. The hottest sectors across the entire downtown core remain the first time buyers in the $400k to $700k range, where 46% are selling in multiple offers against an overall average of just 26%.2014-12-16T18:29:00Z383efbcb-2571-4c2d-b3f1-21a4c2270db7 2014 InfographicYes it’s true that active listings, new listings and sales are down but the price of a detached home in the downtown core has inched up indicating that the laws of supply and demand still work in our city2014-12-09T21:17:00Z412808d5-aacd-466b-97a9-c00d672cc592 Update For The Week Ending November 28th, 2014It's not just the Grey Cup that signals the end of November. If you've lived in Toronto for any length of time you know that this time of year also means that thoughts of buying and selling homes take a back seat to Christmas shopping and holiday planning... 2014-12-02T15:23:00Zf1023412-1124-4d54-9f9c-89a070a9147c Update For The Week Ending November 21stThings we are putting on our Christmas list….Warmer shoes, a better shovel and more listings. It comes as no surprise that on the eve of the holiday season Toronto got its first dusting of snow which not only signals the traditional listing slowdown, but throws us even harder into traffic chaos. Well, at least we aren’t in Buffalo. 2014-11-25T15:19:00Zfe0f54db-507d-4b3b-92c5-f57253749f64 2014 InfographicThe Fall Market continues its momentum but it seems that calmer heads have prevailed in October.2014-11-07T17:37:00Z02ef6ac8-6594-42d8-9709-23fa6ff1d1fa To Deal With A Haunted HouseWe asked Matthew James Didier, founder and director of he Toronto Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society for four tips on how to deal with an unwanted otherworldly roommate...2014-10-31T14:40:00Zcf7de02d-89c9-4d22-a488-e05288eb0570 Your House Haunted?At this time of year our attentions are turned to the supernatural. But if you suspect that a home you're interested in purchasing may have some otherworldly tenants, you could end up feeling spooked long after Halloween...2014-10-30T19:20:00Z3082edd3-ee7a-44ce-8d07-0ff67824afa0 Update For The Week Ending October 24thTurns out that last week’s less than stellar real estate numbers were not just the result of a minor blip in the stock market. We have identified the main culprit….turkey hangover. Yes, that key ingredient of the bird itself, tryptophan, doesn’t just make you sleepy it makes you slower to buy. How do we know? Well this week that nasty amino acid has dissipated and buyers and sellers have returned in full force...2014-10-28T16:26:00Z642e91ad-0981-4135-a3f5-f7950e764d23 HomeThinking of building your dream home from the ground up? Here’s what you need to know for the difficult task ahead...2014-10-24T20:12:00Zbd288fd5-4616-43f4-8aa4-372541aa245d Updated For The Week Ending October 17thLast week we saw a perfect demonstration of how external forces affect real estate in our city as several houses in the downtown market didn’t sell on offer night. The major culprit…a brief blip in the Toronto Stock Market and a drop in value of the Canadian Dollar...2014-10-22T20:29:00Z5f02d2ca-2017-46f5-94a1-06e93bddc524 2014 InfographicThe Fall market hit the city hard this year which resulted in an almost 11% increase in the number of transactions compared to last September...2014-10-10T19:51:00Z3f37f2cd-5b21-4aa2-a8fc-3ce589ef4fca Update For The Week Ending October 3rdAs if there was any surprise, 2014 is shaping up to be another record breaking year for real estate sales in the GTA. Naturally, this is good news for those selling and downsizing, and bad news for those trying so desperately to break into the home ownership arena...2014-10-07T13:45:00Z6f699e7a-70b1-4cff-9275-c009e2295b70 Update For The Week Ending September 26thAfter a brief respite from the heavy spring activity, the freehold market has picked up just where it left off...2014-09-29T21:16:00Z952a4c64-556b-45ee-8755-5f1dea3a98cb 2014 InfographicHot on the heels of the second best July ever, August was a standout with a year over year average MLS price increase of 8.9%...2014-09-04T20:38:00Z94817910-8552-45b0-9620-7022d22bf3dd for a Home? Consider the High Cost of the CommuteLocation is important when looking for a house, of course, but consideration needs to be given not just to what neighbourhood you want to live in, but to where your new home will be in relation to work and other obligations...2014-09-02T17:16:00Zb344feba-5a8a-4ba5-bf93-a9f89552755e Update For The Week Ending July 18thThey say that Toronto has only two seasons... Winter and Construction. We feel your pain if you are part of the daily commute. But hey it could be worse. You could be looking for a house. 2014-07-23T22:14:00Z9e6e3009-43bd-4c61-857e-77124b921c77 Update For The Week Ending July 11thThink of the Toronto real estate market like "The Wave". For the last three or four months it's been on its feet and now it's time to sit down. The excitement is still there however. Now it's just waiting for the cycle to work its way around. In real estate parlance we call it "the Summer Market". 2014-07-17T13:50:00Z59099849-4bb2-4eee-ae95-e0b85a840f1f 2014 InfographicIt gives us a nice warm and fuzzy feeling when banks, economists and housing analysts all get on the same page when talking about real estate and while we don’t expect a group hug anytime soon it appears that Canadian real estate is feeling the love.2014-07-09T20:14:00Z2546efda-0315-461f-8a03-e7bb2df4f808 2014 InfographicIn May the flowers started to bloom and buyers came out in full force causing the Toronto Real Estate Board to declare May one of the hottest months on record...2014-06-25T20:16:00Z20b374f2-b461-4366-8d92-226dca3903e4 Update For The Week Ending June 13thToronto has a fever and it's not just World Cup fever either. Sure there is a lot of cheering going on in the streets but it's not a celebration of a soccer victory. This time, people are cheering about the value of their homes. 2014-06-17T19:23:00Z4a1e19c8-cdc6-4130-a685-bf29290197dc Update For The Week Ending June 6thHave you ever had the feeling you should have zigged when you should have zagged? Have you ever wondered if your trip would have been shorter if you had taken a different route or left at a different time? Those questions, and many more, often confound our research team because lately trying to predict what the real estate market in Toronto will do is like trying to predict what direction an Ikea shopping cart will take you.2014-06-10T16:36:00Z76616326-bdc0-44e6-8b48-c712dc32e646 Update For The Week Ending May 30thWe are fed up with vortexes, (polar, pollen or otherwise), so this week we want to describe the increase in new property listings as Toronto’s Listing Tsunami. After a series of holidays and long weekends contributed to low inventories it seems that Sellers are finally getting with the program as both freehold and condominium listings nearly doubled last week. This tsunami is just what the city needs to quench buyers’ thirsts for homes.2014-06-03T18:25:00Z1604909b-b67d-4af4-885e-951b3e3a0132 Update For The Week Ending May 23rdWhen economists think the Toronto Real Estate Market is about to crash, the market seems to go up and when bankers say it's going to accelerate it slows down. Trying to figure out what the market is doing is like trying to figure out the most confounding tool of modern times....the Rogers cable remote. Luckily you have the Bosley Insight to provide insights into Toronto's complicated market.2014-05-27T20:35:00Ze35361ad-f39a-443c-9c6a-7554fa6b89f3 2014 InfographicDespite its late arrival, spring is finally here to put our already hot real estate market into overdrive.2014-05-22T20:12:00Z1f63cdaa-0e8b-4a73-bbf1-5e1f9e7e142b Update For The Week Ending May 9thLast week we reported that the Spring real estate market is in full swing in Toronto now that the warmer weather has arrived. At our offices we’ve put away the salt bags, rolled up the winter mats and cleaned the windows. While Buyers heard us loud and clear, Sellers apparently didn’t get the memo as both the number of freehold and condo listings backed off last week.2014-05-13T16:33:00Z559a5676-8027-403b-81c5-fecafc38d756 Update For The Week Ending May 2ndWith Easter behind us, and our hopes dashed for a Raptor playoff run, it’s time to concentrate on the task at hand, get that house all gussied up for the Spring market. There are flowers to plant and porches to paint. Curb appeal, after all, is the name of the game. As if but a dream, the real estate market is back in full swing. 2014-05-06T14:56:00Z3bdb84e9-717e-4622-a9ba-e6c6844a30cb Update For The Week Ending April 28thIt’s happened for years. Every Easter the Toronto real estate takes a small break from the madness that we know as the Spring Market. Even if you don’t take part in the Easter festivities there are still the benefits of a long weekend to travel, reconnect with family or chill out around the house. 2014-04-29T15:27:00Z0f31275c-e822-4fd1-9989-281be7c11ef4 InfographicDespite a significant rise in new listings, March was another busy month of multiple offers. The good news was the average price of a detached home in the core backed off slightly even though the number of multiple offers increased.2014-04-17T19:26:00Z8cd7f562-4d8a-470c-8629-54c3caa6e909 Update For The Week Ending April 14thThis week we have good news and bad news. The bad news is that the Toronto Maple Leafs are out of the playoffs. The good news is that without that distraction we can concentrate on Toronto’s next favourite past time...Real Estate. With the Spring market upon us you have to think fast to keep up.2014-04-14T20:00:00Z6d4e181d-69a5-442b-9e5b-8711ca0f9dbf Update For The Week Ending April 7thYou’d never know it from stepping outside, but the weather is improving and while we are still waiting for that one last snow fall (yes, you know it’s coming), we know the general trend points to warmer temperatures ahead and that can only mean one thing....more listings. Hallelujah!2014-04-07T18:26:00Ze92e515d-d0da-438f-bb57-0ce2a273ec2d Update For The Week Ending March 31stDo you ever wonder when Toronto’s real estate market will cool down? Some buyers just wait patiently for a little relief but even with this Spring market upon us, it seems that there is a better chance that the Leafs will make the playoffs than a typical buyer paying less than the asking price.2014-03-31T21:00:00Z9fb6bce7-6bee-425c-8225-e60ef8a73dff Update For The Week Ending March 24thWhat a difference a few weeks make. It wasn’t that long ago when agents were complaining about the lack of new listings...2014-03-24T20:50:00Z6f9ea703-5779-416c-9cc8-051f32b74194 InfographicEvery month we scientifically monitor stories in the media on both freehold and condo markets in toronto. Then through a Patent pending process we are able to create a visual representation of what the media thinks the market is doing. Is it facing a slow death or is it party time?2014-03-18T15:16:00Z93187168-2bdd-4276-b62c-a93a8a14f828 Update For The Week Ending March 7th2014 will go down in Toronto’s history as the year of extreme cold and a piping hot real estate market. While we are hesitant to say that the bitter deep freeze is over just yet, the real estate market shows no signs of cooling.2014-03-10T13:37:00Z9973abd1-798b-4676-b61f-e993b67dfe9f Update For The Week Ending February 28thIt’s time for a little Oscar buzz of our own. In the category of hot real estate markets, the winner is.....Downtown Toronto. 2014-03-03T21:57:00Z88a4f7b8-ecaa-4a4d-b3b5-c3a2e83f987d Update For The Week Ending February 21stWho’s got Olympic fever? We do, we do. Our very own Queen West office has become the unofficial games watching headquarters for neighbouring Realtors. 2014-02-24T15:48:00Z550ef052-8aca-40da-943b-7c4f95256e3b Use in Real Estate Sales and Marketing Video plays an important role in our company’s strategy and we would like to share some of those successes here, if only to demonstrate how important video is becoming.2014-02-14T23:34:00Z61af964a-2f82-498c-b62b-fed80021411c InfographicEvery month we scientifically monitor stories in the media on both freehold and condo markets in Toronto. Then through a patent pending process we are able to create a visual representation of what the media thinks the market is doing.2014-02-14T23:32:00Z82cb7aa9-07d7-4889-98d6-e1785ea3ee45 Insight For The Week Ending February 7thWe think the Toronto real estate market should borrow the US Postal Service motto “neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night....”2014-02-07T15:58:00Zb49f0672-b035-4d12-b31b-31d918af3b46 Update For The Week Ending January 31stBeing that we are Toronto’s oldest and largest independent real estate brokerage, it’s safe to say that we have seen it all. We know the weather has an impact on people’s motivation to get out and look at houses, but this week we are going to blame the decrease in listings solely on the shoulders of Justin Beiber. 2014-01-31T22:50:00Z13b07ce8-7d4b-49af-99b6-abb92bacb90d Update for the Week Ending January 24thHave you heard? The Toronto spring real estate madness is underway. Several significant home sales happened this week including 32 offers on a $650k house in the west end and 6 offers on a $2M in the central core.2014-01-27T22:50:00Z56fc8848-4241-4731-86de-1e16895a82ab Update for the Week Ending January 17thBack in the good old days we used to complain about the cold. That got a bit boring so the people who report the weather threw new terms at us like polar vortex and frost quakes. None of us can really explain these phenomena but they don’t just sound cold....they sound super cold.2014-01-17T22:50:00Z4b8f0b99-681d-4cde-bca7-c4b36fb318e7 Update For The Week Ending January 10thWelcome to 2014. We can safely claim to have survived another strong year in real estate despite what the doomsayers were hoping for. Still, the weather Gods continue to test our resolve. Remember the Summertime floods? It seems that no sooner had we dried out our basements that Toronto got hit with ICESTORM 2013. 2014-01-10T23:17:00Zfa18cc87-ff39-40dd-9ae9-a032b624c7e1 Update For The Week Ending December 8thWith just a few more weeks before Christmas, home buyers are spending more time shopping for gifts for their loved ones. Hey, that’s okay. After a blistering fall pace, only hampered by a lack of listings, it might be nice for buyers to sit back, enjoy some holiday spirit and relax for a change.2013-12-08T23:39:00Zd887bfb8-0fb3-43bc-b1d1-c8d9c8531b5c Update For The Week Ending November 29thBlack Friday . If you aren’t familiar with the term by now , you soon will be. In the United States it is the biggest shopping day of the year… and it’ s making its way north of the border . It’ s about time.2013-11-29T22:30:00Z78140b6a-3754-455e-bb7a-95608ef4c8b3 Update For The Week Ending November 22ndLast week both Buyers and Sellers were riveted to CP24 as news of our Mayor’s behavior continued to unravel. As a result, Toronto’s real estate market produced one of the most boring weeks of the year. 2013-11-22T22:38:00Zf88bb890-83b8-4b3c-9561-b78e22ec8b21 Update For The Week Ending November 15thLooking for chaos outside Toronto’s City Hall? Well don’t look to the real estate sector. Once again we take the “nothing to see here” approach. In fact this week may go down as the most boring week in real estate. 2013-11-15T22:38:00Zba908e0c-8464-4957-b0e9-d4ed6c281aee Update For The Week Ending November 8thHow are the Toronto Maple Leafs like the real estate market? We know that no matter how well the Leafs did in the early Fall, they just can't keep such a hot pace. But take heart real estate fans, while the market is slowing down there is still plenty to cheer about.2013-11-08T22:38:00Z98316125-0725-4eb8-89f9-73bb3a094ee2 Update For The Week Ending November 1stHypothetically, if you were to knock on the door of the Toronto Real Estate Market and ask “trick or treat” what answer would you get? Given our research, all signs point to TREAT!2013-11-01T11:52:00Z