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17 February 2017
Bosley Real Estate

We think it is safe to say that the Toronto real estate market is moving into uncharted waters these days. The go to response to the steady increase of prices has been the lack of listings, high demand and low borrowing costs. What has transpired are stories of multiple offers, wild bidding wars and many broken dreams. So, what should we expect as we move forward? Well, if there is any consolation, we are moving into the spring market and the usual increase in listings.

Bosley Infographic January 2017

09 February 2017
Bosley Real Estate

Houston, we have a problem. Despite an almost 12% increase in sales activity this January, compared to January 2016, supply problems continue to make the headlines. In fact, the GTA resale market has not experienced such low inventory levels since 2002. Current active listings are nearly half of what they were last year at this time. The Toronto Real Estate Board reports that a supply problem is likely to continue to play out for 2017. “The result will be strong price growth for all home types again this year” says Jason Mercer, TREB’s Director of Market Analysis. It remains to be seen how many sales will take place in 2017 however a swing of even 5% could translate to either another record year or the second best year on record for the GTA. TREB also reported that less than 5% of properties sold in 2016 went to foreign buyers and was not a contributing factor to the steady price increases across the GTA.


28 January 2017
Bosley Real Estate

Before we begin, we just want to say that this insight is going to be HUGE! It’s probably the best one so far. Quite frankly it will blow all the other ones out of the water. It is literally amazing. Actually, it’s not just’s INCREDIBLE. We know that you will think it is the most brilliant report on Toronto’s real estate market EVER. Actually, it is so astonishing that we thought about keeping it a secret just in case it fell into the wrong hands. Security is very important to us so please make sure that before you pass it around to your friends, they have been properly vetted.


27 January 2017
Bosley Real Estate

Just for the record, we don't use any alternative facts in our market updates. In fact, we swore an oath to accurately reflect the size of the market so that our clients could make informed decisions. No need to proclaim any national holidays in our honour, just know that when you hear it from us it's the real deal....nothing fake about what we report. We will continue to march on.


17 January 2017
Bosley Real Estate

Normally we aren't the superstitious types but if listings don't improve quickly we may be forced to throw salt over our shoulders, walk backwards under ladders or burn sage in our offices to break the spell. Generally speaking January is a slow month for new listings but demand is high and the weather has been kind so we were expecting a faster release of new properties on the market. Sellers and buyers alike might just be feeling the pinch of new mortgage rules and increased land transfer taxes.

Bosley Infographic for December 2016

10 January 2017
Bosley Real Estate

It should come as no surprise that new listings, sales and active listings dropped off substantially in December. It is part of the usual winter market blip that we experience each year around this time. Included in the slowdown in activity are increases in the number of days on the market and the average selling price versus the list price. But December is an oddity of the Toronto market which has experienced tremendous success in 2016. Against all odds, such as a tightening of lending requirements, the Toronto Real Estate Board recorded 12,000 more sales than 2015, a nearly 12% increase in total homes sold. Remarkably this was achieved at the same time as recording a increase of over $100k on the average price of a home. According to TREB, the condo market was a major factor in sales volume growth and our own numbers bear witness to the demand in this sector.

Bosley Infographic for November 2016

07 December 2016
Bosley Real Estate

We are sure you are familiar with the old saying: "those that don't learn from history are destined to repeat it", Of course, we are talking about buyers. Last year at this time, many buyers decided to sit out the market over most of December only to pay the price in the new year. Losing out on multiple offers takes its toll (it's called buyer fatigue) but our advice is to keep up the pressure until the new year... chances are you will be happy you did. Last year prices shot up by double digits and have kept that pace all year long. While there are fewer homes on the market, the ones that are available have negotiating room. Meanwhile, the condo market continues to thrive as frustrated home buyers consider the condo alternative.


23 November 2016
Bosley Real Estate

Here we go. The Santa Claus Parade is the definitive Toronto tradition and if that didn`t signal the start of winter then this week`s little blast of cold air sure did. Despite the temperature drop there is no sign that the real estate market is slipping into hibernation just yet. We know there are many frustrated buyers out there but we would encourage them all to keep looking. If you are contemplating putting your buying intentions on hold you will pay the ultimate price when prices escalate in the Spring...just like they did last year.


17 November 2016
Bosley Real Estate

The freehold sector did not see much change in the number of new listings last week; however sales dipped by about 38% from 173 the previous week to 125. This drop is consistent with declines in sales over previous years and is more a statement of the approaching winter market than uneasiness in the US federal election outcome and continued adapting of the new Canadian mortgage rules which are likely only playing a small role. Still, sentiment for home ownership remains strong as nearly 65% of home transactions in the 416 sold at or above the asking price.

Bosley Real Estate Infographic for October 2016

09 November 2016
Bosley Real Estate

As someone who has lived most of their life in Toronto, I am constantly aware of how far this city has come. But we did not achieve our success from chance or plain dumb luck. We got to where we are through hard work and determination. It's a reminder to me that nothing comes easy. For a lot of people, buying a first home is the reward of hard work. It is the ultimate statement of success. It screams..."Look at what I achieved!" At the same time, it is also a transaction fraught with anxiety and confusion. I know this because our company has literally negotiated thousands of transactions over the last 80+ years and I have heard the stories. The truth is that you can lower the anxiety and erase confusion if you have an experienced Realtor working on your behalf. I know that above all, or agents represent the best in the business. Let us demonstrate our knowledge during your next transaction.