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    Bosley Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage is a 100% family owned and operated Real Estate company that has been successfully assisting the buying and selling public since 1928.

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    • September 2014 Infographic

      Bosley Real Estate 04 September 2014

      Hot on the heels of the second best July ever, August was a standout with a year over year average MLS price increase of 8.9%...

    • Searching for a Home? Consider the High Cost of the Commute

      Bosley Real Estate 02 September 2014

      Location is important when looking for a house, of course, but consideration needs to be given not just to what neighbourhood you want to live in, but to where your new home will be in relation to work and other obligations...

    • Market Update For The Week Ending July 18th

      Bosley Real Estate 23 July 2014

      They say that Toronto has only two seasons... Winter and Construction. We feel your pain if you are part of the daily commute. But hey it could be worse. You could be looking for a house.

    • Market Update For The Week Ending July 11th

      Bosley Real Estate 17 July 2014

      Think of the Toronto real estate market like "The Wave". For the last three or four months it's been on its feet and now it's time to sit down. The excitement is still there however. Now it's just waiting for the cycle to work its way around. In real estate parlance we call it "the Summer Market".

    • June 2014 Infographic

      Bosley Real Estate 09 July 2014

      It gives us a nice warm and fuzzy feeling when banks, economists and housing analysts all get on the same page when talking about real estate and while we don’t expect a group hug anytime soon it appears that Canadian real estate is feeling the love.